10 Quick Clash Royale Tips for Mastering Match Play

Clash Royale has quickly become the only thing anyone is playing, but even though it just launched a month ago it may seem like early players already have a huge advantage. They don’t. With a few Clash Royale tips you can easily win most of your early matches, and start climbing to those higher Arenas. In this article we’ll share our Clash Royale tips for crushing towers, winning matches, and harvesting the tears of your opponent Kings – so read on.

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Starting Strategies

Each match in Clash Royale, you should make some decisions early on about what strategy you want to use. The first choices you make will set the tone for the whole round, and especially in the early Arenas one could argue that many matches are won or lost with the first hand of cards played. In this section, we’ll cover Clash Royale tips for getting off to a good start.

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Clash Royale Tip #1: Fear of Commitment

While there are Clash Royale strategies that involve some amount of “rushing”, an experienced player is very rarely overrun with a rush play in the first moves of the game. They simply have too much Elixir and resource options available, and you have their full attention. As a result, our first Clash Royal tip is to be patient at the starting bell. Often your opponent will wait until your Elixir is completely full before acting. That is okay. Look at your cards and think about offense and defense, cast a glance at what card is coming up next… and wait. If you just can’t stand the tension, it is reasonable to play first, but watch your opponents reaction and don’t overcommit Elixir until you can see what strategy your opponent is using.

Clash Royale Tip #2: Arm Wrestle Effectively: Elixir Trades

The most common opening clash comes from two opponents dumping troops onto the same side of the Arena, and letting them duke it out. Like a tug of war, troops will gradually push and retreat, and eventually one side may gain enough dominance to reach a tower and score a Crown. Since you will see this approach a lot, you are going to have to get good at it (but read on for our other Clash Royale tips about other approaches). Even though there is some placement and timing involved, this is first and foremost a numbers game. If your opponent leads with a Giant, that costs 5 Elixir. If you counter with a Skeleton Horde that costs 4 Elixir and stuff him before he damages your tower, you just got a +1 Elixir advantage. If instead, you rush your Skeleton Horde out before the Giant drops and your opponent wipes them with Arrows for 3 Elixir, you have a net -1 Elixir result. In a head to head “arm wrestle” over one lane, you need to manage the Elixir trades very carefully to try and build enough momentum to push in and damage your opponents towers when they are weak. Learn the best match ups for cards that give you trouble, and modify your deck frequently to try and create positive Elixir trades.

Clash Royale Tip #3: Ride the Teeter Totter

At the most elite level of play, your opponent will be hard to rattle, but luckily many opponents are made of softer stuff. After you’ve gotten pretty good at “arm wrestling” over a single lane, you may find that even with efficient play many matches end in a draw. This isn’t a terrible thing, especially as you are learning the ropes, but as you push higher you will also face off against more opponents who have a Level and/or Deck advantage on you – and in those cases the odds are stacked against you winning a straight head to head clash. Instead, consider waiting for your opponent to commit to a lane, and then pressing in the other lane. You will still need to devote some attention to defense to blunt your opponents assault, but if he has already committed to that attack you may have an easier time just containing rather than making a counter push in the same lane. Consider and opponent who opens with a Giant again. You immediately drop a Knight followed by Spear Goblins in the other lane. As the Giant approaches, you drop a cheap troop like Skeletons or Goblins to slow him down and let the towers chew him up. Meanwhile your “sneak attack” in the other lane may take a 1/3 to a 1/2 of the other towers hit points unchecked. Alternatively, your opponent may shift focus to that lane and abandon the Giant to die (an expensive loss). This bait-and-switch approach can be very effective when timed right – but just be careful to stay on top of minimal defenses or it will end in a tower trade.

Clash Royale Tip #4: Unload Both Barrels

In more rare circumstances, you may find that you have a glut of offensive cards that would effectively form two “push” teams at the beginning of a round. In such circumstances, our next Clash Royale tip is it to send attackers down both lanes at near the same time, to try and overwhelm your opponent’s ability to manage your attack. This is a risky move that will leave you with almost no Elixir, but it can prove to be a great momentum builder if your opponent doesn’t think quick. One attack will very likely be blunted quickly, but if you can keep attention on the lane your opponent chooses to defend first, your other attack team may score big. Doing some damage to both towers also keeps your options open for later in the match, while your opponent may become committed to one lane if they have invested heavily in weakening that tower. An example of a double barrel assault would be a Giant down one lane, with a Knight followed by Spear Goblins down the other. The “Double Barreled” start should be used very sparingly, but in the rare cases where you get the ideal hand for it, you can deal a decisive blow before your opponent even knows what hit them.

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