Clash Royale Deck Building Basics

Clash Royale Deck Building is an engrossing topic, and one that we no doubt will spend many articles dissecting – but before you can get into the deeper aspects of which exact cards to farm and upgrade, there are some basics you need to understand.

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Cost and Cycling

You’ve probably noticed by now that Clash Royale Cards each have a unique Elixir cost. What’s less obvious though is how this cost affects a Deck build. Expensive Cards of course take longer to cast, but also have the effect of getting “stuck” in your hand as you are forced to make quick decisions and often use cheaper troops to react to your opponents actions. In contrast, cheap Cards are often in and out of your hand quickly, which keeps new options coming through your hand frequently and also means that same cheap Card can get cast again and again more often than the expensive one. This is called Cycling, and the faster your Deck cycles the more nimble you can be to respond to offensive and defensive opportunities. A good measure of Clash Royale Deck cycling is the “Average Elixir Cost” shown directly below your Battle Deck cards.

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We already talked a little about Targeting in our Clash Royale Beginner’s Guide, but it bears emphasis that this is one of the most important parts of building an effective Deck. You need to consider each of the basic Target types (Ground, Air, Building), and how your Clash Royale Deck will deal with each of them. Ground targeting troops will be exposed to Air attacks – how will you protect them? Many Air targeting troops are weak and need Tank or Tower support or they will burn up too fast. The single minded focus of Building targeting troops means they may get chewed up by Hordes without ever landing a blow. Consider each Card in your deck and what support it will need based on its Targeting preference.

Read on for a detailed break down of Card Archetypes: Using them on Offense, on Defense, and Defending against them.

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