Clash of Clans Freeze Spell and June Patch

SuperCell has released another big batch of updates. So many in fact that it is hard to list them all. Since it will take a while to digest them, I thought I’d focus first on the new Clash of Clans Freeze Spell.

Clash of Clans Freeze Spell Level 3

The text of the spell reads “The Freeze Spell sends out a cryogenic blast that temporarily immobilizes enemy ground troops and disables defensive buildings within it’s radius”. So within it’s radius, basically everything comes to a halt for several seconds (4 seconds for the minimum level, and as you can see up to 6 seconds at Level 3). It has also been speculated that this spell resets the progressive damage on the “tank killing” Inferno Tower. It does take a while to “train” and the cost would make you think twice about dropping 5 in a row, but for high end raid load outs it definitely looks like it would be a significant offensive advantage.

So what do you think about the new Clash of Clans Freeze Spell or the other updates in the June patch? Let us know your strategies in the comments section.

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