Candy Crush Soda Saga Diaries: Level 1 to 10

Candy Crush Soda Saga is a new entry in a new Candy Crush series. In this article series, I’ll play the game and try to help you guys by explaining how I cleared particular levels. Let’s get down to crushing some soda!

Candy Crush Soda Diaries: Level 1

The first level’s always super easy, and the game more or less plays itself. I just made the recommended matches and enjoyed the easy win.

Do note that Candy Crush Soda Saga is attempting to teach you how to play the game here – match 3 to make progress, match the soda bottles to raise the soda level. They also introduce (but don’t explain) the Swedish Fish candy.

Candy Crush Soda Diaries: Level 2

Already here the game seems to assume you’ve played Candy Crush Saga. See those black wires around some of the soda? Those are licorice cages. They stop you from moving the candy in a square, and they also will “absorb” the first match made. This means if you want to break the candy or soda inside one, you’ve got to match it twice.

This is probably the first time you’ll be able to match a block of 4 candies and make a Swedish Fish yourself – this is a new move for Candy Crush Soda Saga!

Here again the goal is to match the soda bottles to raise the soda level, so focus on those to win.

Candy Crush Soda Diaries: Level 3

This level is all about the fish. See how you can make a match of 4 candies in a block? That produces a Swedish Fish special candy, which can be matched to seek out important candies to destroy.

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The first couple of fish will take care of popping the first few soda bottles, and then it will be up to you to finish up the rest by matching and making your own fish.

Candy Crush Soda Diaries: Level 4

Ah, the color bomb. The most coveted of special candies. On this level, we’re just going to play with the color bomb + Swedish fish special candy combo.

The rest of the level should be fairly easy after that, just focus on the soda and win!

Candy Crush Soda Diaries: Level 5


This crazy “plus sign” setup is intended to show you how to make the other special candy called the “coloring candy.” Coloring candy is weird, and kind of hard to make. Again, I’ll refer to the special candy guide for more info.

Once you’ve done that and matched it with another candy, this whole level will break apart spectacularly, and then you’re back to the same ol’ match soda and win.

Candy Crush Soda Diaries: Level 6

Level 6 introduces frosting, (although the game also calls it ‘ice’) which is like jelly in Candy Crush Saga. This time, though, the goal isn’t always to clear all of the frosting. Most of the time, what you want to do is clear specific tiles of frosting in order to expose the gummy bears.

On this level, though, all the frosting is covering bears, so all of it needs to go. Mass-clearing frosting usually means special candy combos – anything involving a color bomb is good, or a striped + wrapped combo. The new fish candy isn’t the greatest at clearing large amounts of frosting, but it can be useful for those corner bits that are hard to clear any other way.

Candy Crush Soda Diaries: Level 7

Now we’ve got frosting plus those licorice cages plus finding the bears, all together now. Note that you don’t have to match ALL the frosting on this level – just the frosting that is blocking the bears. It’s kind of hard to tell which frosting squares cover the bears, but when they’re down to just one match worth of frosting left, you can see the greenish tint of the gummy bear behind the frosting.

Candy Crush Soda Diaries: Level 8

Wow, that’s a lot of cake blocking squares. Here again on Candy Crush Soda Saga level 8, the objective is to find the bears, but that’s going to have to wait until the board is a bit more clear. It takes two nearby matches to clear out this cake and its wrapper, and before this is done making special candy matches is nearly impossible.


After clearing a sizeable chunk of the level, it’s down to making and breaking special candy combos. The wrapped + striped is a good one to do, if you can manage. Color bombs are a bit harder here because of the limited space, but if you can manage it, it’s worth it. One of those plus a wrapped or a striped and you’re in business.

This is probably the first level where you can get really stuck – it can be difficult to do so much clearing on so few moves. It’s probably going to take a few lives to get the luck you need to proceed. Get used to this – this sort of luck-based gameplay is heavily featured in King games and Candy Crush Soda Saga is no exception.

Candy Crush Soda Diaries: Level 9

Oooh, another new game mode. In this mode, you’ve got to move the gummi bear in the bubble above the candy string.

The first two screens are gimmes – they’re fixed patterns of candy and it’s just a matter of making the moves. The gloves come off on the final area, although it’s still pretty easy.

Don’t forget that you can match the candy above the candy string as well as below. The candy string is just an arbitrary line – candy matching works as if it wasn’t there.

Candy Crush Soda Diaries: Level 10

Well, that escalated quickly. This is another “floating bear” level, but now there’s some cake and a cage blocking the bear.


This one looks tricky, but it’s really a test of your fish candy knowledge. Matching the fish candies will home in on the squares and licorice cage blocking the bear.

Candy Crush Soda Saga level 10 can take a few tries, mainly because you might not have the candy combinations you need to break the fish free. It takes a bit of luck, but it’s doable.

Next up on Candy Crush Soda Diaries: Levels 11 to 15!