Bloons Monkey City Contested Territory Guide

Once you’ve conquered the easy levels at the beginning of Bloons Monkey City, you’re likely to hit a major wall – MOABs. No doubt the first time you encounter these massive blue blimps is in the Contested Territory, although quickly you’ll find it difficult to take any of your own territory without encountering them. The strategies you use to pop regular bloons just don’t work on MOABs. Plus, as the rounds get harder, the money you need goes up but the amount you get goes down! This means all new strategies, which I’ll detail in my Monkey City Contested Territory guide!

Now, I’m going to talk mostly about Contested Territory here, because that’s the first point you’ll get into rounds high enough to find a real challenge. However, these strategies work just as well at taking land tiles in your regular city.

Popping Your First MOAB

In Bloons Monkey City, MOABs start showing up around round 20, although the harder the level, the earlier they’ll start to appear. Later, you’ll start seeing BFBs, which are red and breaks up into several MOABs when popped. Then comes the ZOMG, which is black and contains a set of BFBs, which in turn contain MOABs! There’s also the DDT, which is a fast-moving variant of the MOAB.

Most towers have a difficult time popping a MOAB. There are a few really good towers versus MOABs, though:

The Monkey Sub is a favorite MOAB popper of mine.  Once you get it to 2/3, it starts doing extra damage against MOABs, and at 2/4 it can completely obliterate ZOMGs with a single missile!

The Monkey Sub is a favorite MOAB popper of mine. Once you get it to 2/3, it starts doing extra damage against MOABs, and at 2/4 it can completely obliterate ZOMGs with a single missile!

  • The Monkey Sub is crazy powerful versus MOABs. First Strike Capability costs an arm and a leg (nearly $20,000!) but it can completely obliterate a ZOMG.
  • Monkey Buccaneers can get an upgrade that can instantly down a MOAB or BFB, although it doesn’t work on ZOMGs.
  • Bloonchippers with the Super Wide Funnel upgrade can suck up a MOAB and stun it for several seconds, although towers can’t attack it while it’s being chewed on
  • Spike Factories can get MOAB Shredder Spikes and Spike Storm, which can really put a dent in MOABs
  • Bomb Shooters can take the MOAB Mauler and MOAB Assassin upgrades, but honestly they stop being effective against BFBs and ZOMGs pretty quickly

As you start approaching rounds in the late teens, be thinking about how you’re going to handle the first MOABs that are coming your way shortly. Building one or more of these towers will really help you survive!


The Contested Territory in Bloons Monkey City starts to get harder pretty quickly. As the rounds mount, the difficulty increases faster than the amount of money you have to spend. If you want to survive to see past round 35 or so, you’re going to need to think about making some money. There are several different ways to do this, and I’ll cover each of them.

Banana Farms

Banana Farms are the obvious choice. Their whole purpose is to produce cash for you. They do nothing to pop bloons, though, and they take a long time to pay off. You’re looking at something like 10+ rounds before you see any profit. Often times, though, the early rounds are easy enough that you can spare a few thousand cash in the early rounds to build one, and then reap the profits as things start to get harder.

There are two routes for the Banana Farm, just like every other tower in the game. Heading down the Banana Republic path leads to Banana Research Facility, which produces 5 giant boxes of bananas each round. That’s a lot of cash! You can also add the Valuable Bananas upgrade to increase each box’s value to $600. The other route leads to Monkey Bank and the Banana Investment Advisory, and both yield compound interest that can really pay off in the long term.

The Banana Research Facility is really worth the investment, as it pays short term dividends very quickly. The Monkey Bank route is less work (no tapping bananas!) and can pay off big if you’re willing to wait for the bank to get nearly full before taking the money out.

Pro Tip There’s also a bug in the game (at least when I play on Android…). Banana Farms don’t change the number of bananas they produce mid-round. That means if you upgrade to the Banana Plantation mid-round, you won’t get 7 bunches, you’ll just get 3. Usually this is a bad thing, but when you go from Banana Republic to Banana Research Facility, the number of boxes generated actually goes down rather than up. That means, if you start a round with a Banana Republic and then immediately upgrade to a Research Facility when the round starts, you’ll get 13 boxes that round instead of just 5! If you get the Valuable Bananas upgrade first, you’re looking at a MASSIVE chunk of change very, very quickly!

Sniper Monkey Supply Drop

Usually the Sniper Monkey in Bloons Monkey City isn’t one you’d think of when it comes to making money, but the Supply Drop upgrade changes that. When you take this upgrade, you can call in a stealth bomber to drop a crate that’s worth around $500 cash or so. If you’ve got a good dozen or so of these guys, you can make a decent profit per-round.

This is not going to earn you nearly as much as Banana Farms, but it can save your bacon on levels where you can’t build farms – like mountain areas. It’s also very costly to get started, since the Supply Drop costs a good $10,000 to get started. You’re looking at quite a few rounds to pay that off.

Pro Tip There are a couple of ways to maximize your Sniper investment. One is to use a Monkey Town with Energy Beacon, which makes the Supply Drop ability recharge faster. The other is to try to stall rounds – use Ice Monkeys, Glue Monkeys, Tornado-upgraded Apprentices, etc to slow rounds down and get more drops in per round.

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