23 Things Every New Destiny Player Should Know pt2

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Part 2: Teamwork

In this part of our new Destiny player guide, we go over many small nuances of playing as a team in the first MMOFPS. Knowing how to effectively play as part of a team (and how to find an effective team to play with) is essential to enjoying Destiny’s end-game content. Check out these tips, and be a great team player!

Destiny Teamwork

8. What’s gonna work? Teamwork.

A lot of Destiny content can be pretty challenging when playing solo, and some of it (raids, Nightfall Strikes, etc) is near impossible. Its likely there will come a time when you’ll want to tackle a challenge as a group, at a time when you find none or too few of your friends are online. You are totally not alone. Great sites like 100.io, /r/Fireteams and destinyLFG help you find folks to play pretty much anything. My personal characterization of these sites would be:

  • Use 100.io to plan ahead. If you know you’ll be free at a certain time and want to plan an activity at that time, this is the site for you. It is also a cool site to get to know “your” 100, if you are looking for more online friends to form a gaming relationship with.

  • Use /r/Fireteams for “jump in” or “need 1 more” uses when you need high quality Guardians. Folks found by this method are very likely to have a mic, be knowledgeable, and be patient with less skilled beginners. Basically the only catch is that for less popular activities it may take a few minutes to find who you are looking for.

  • Use DestinyLFG when you want to fill spots super fast. Due to its design you are likely to get lightning quick responses for any common activity, so this method will serve you well if you are impatient. The main catch here is that you don’t know what you are getting, and your mileage may vary a lot (no mic, low skill, lack of patience/teamwork, etc).

9. Dude, that’s heavy

It’s worth having ammo synthesis for long encounters, especially heavy. Variks and Xur have pretty good deals on Heavy Synthesis, but even Eris Morn’s deal is better than the gouging you get from the Gunsmith. When you are in a group playing a 6 man raid or Prison of Elders no one wants to wait for you to fly back to the tower, so try to keep an ample supply on hand. Most of the time you will only need to use one to top up when you are running low, but I suggest keeping 10 on hand at all times to be on the safe side.

Destiny Heavy Ammo

10. You have sharing issues

Sharing is caring, but you don’t share ammo or engram drops. When you see heavy ammo for example, it has no correlation to what others see and its very likely they’ll see nothing. Do note that chests and other loot caches are shared – and if you open one a timer starts before it despawns. If you are a good person and derive no power from hate and tears than please, please, don’t open the Prison of Elders Chests before your team is ready. /soapbox

11. Are you gonna eat that?

Super Orbs are white balls of light that you can pick up to make your Super charge much faster. You make them by using a Super, but you can’t see the Orbs you made. You can only see Orbs that are available for you to pick up, and other than certain special circumstances like Crota raid strategies, they are normally up for grabs so don’t be shy about taking them. Some folks also wanted to point out that Warlock Sunsingers generate Orbs for getting all kills while Sunsinging (ie grenade, melee AND gun kills). This makes them Orb factories, and a big benefit to the team so consider letting them clear trash enemies with their Super to create the most Orbs for the team.

Destiny Rocket Launcher

12. You have so much to live for

Suicides by rockets are not that uncommon, even for pros – but when you are first starting out you will do it all the time if you aren’t careful. Rockets can lead to your untimely demise in a number of scenarios. While they will not damage your allies, they can and often will kill you if they hit:

  • A trash mob that is too close

  • A teammate that crosses your line of fire

  • A wall, if you time a jump or strafe wrong

  • A Titan bubble, or the Relic shield

So look both ways before you launch that massive, rocket-propelled ordinance – alright Guardian?

13. Buddy, you’re looking Super

A little known fact is that you can tell when another Guardians Super is charged by looking at the box over their head that shows their level. A faint line on the edge of the box will pulse with a yellow color once their Super is charged. If you keep awareness of this, it can help you decide whether to use your own Super, and in some circumstances it may give you a queue to ask for a Bubble or some Orbs from one of your teammates.

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