Xbox One Trigger Pain? Here’s a cheap trigger mod…

The Xbox One controller is the new standard for Xbox and PC gaming. However, the more I use my controller, the more my index fingers especially get sore. I considered buying some expensive “trigger grips” or Xbox One replacement triggers, but I found a much cheaper and simpler Xbox One trigger mod!

I don’t know what it is about the triggers, or if it’s how hard I press them, but they really make my index fingers sore. The edges of the Xbox One controller near the trigger are kind of sharp, and the trigger itself has a little ridge in it. That might be a contributing factor, I’m really not certain. All I know is – ouch.

I had considered a few different solutions:

Trigger Treadz – These Xbox One trigger mods are little silicone rubber bumpers with a sticky backing that stick right to the trigger itself. There’s a couple of different patterns in the pack. Some reviews complained that they came off too easy, although for the most part they’re well reviewed.

SCUF Adjustable Triggers – This is a combo kit that includes a backplate for the Xbox One controller that limits the travel distance of the Xbox One triggers. It doesn’t seem like this does much to the triggers themselves, though, so I ruled this one out just based on the photos and reviews.

There are also various Xbox One Trigger mods like this kit that turns them blue:


They seem to be made of the same material and molded in the same shape, so that’s not really an improvement.

I also considered dipping the trigger plastic in something like PlastiDip, which tends to provide a bit of shock absorption but is a little rough to the touch. That didn’t seem like quite the Xbox One trigger mod I had in mind, though.

Really, what I wanted was something soft to cover the triggers in, ideally something that is self adhesive and inexpensive. Then it dawned on me – weather stripping!

If you’ve never seen this stuff before, it’s basically just foam tape. One side is sticky, and it’s super soft and squishy. It’s intended to be used in areas where you might have gaps around the outside of your home – like sealing windows and doors.

However, this stuff is perfect for softening the Xbox One triggers. I went with some that is 3/8″ wide, and I think that was pretty good for covering the highest part of the trigger. I picked some that was 3/16″ thick, which I think is a pretty decent thickness. It’s thick enough that I get a bit of softness on the trigger, without being so thick that it moves to the side and tries to pull away.

You can get this type of weatherstripping at home stores, or here’s the stuff I used at Amazon

It’s just a matter of cutting the weather stripping to length, and sticking it onto the triggers:


It’s not the prettiest thing in the world, but dang is it soft! It’s way more comfortable than the triggers were before. It only costs a couple of bucks to get a roll of this ten feet long, so you can always replace it with another segment.

If you want to remove it, it just pulls right off. If any sticky stuff is left, try wiping it off with Goo Gone, which I keep handy for just such an occasion.