Two Dots Soundtrack now available!

Two Dots Soundtrack

The music of Two Dots is one of the best parts, and for weeks now folks have been asking “so where is the Two Dots Soundtrack”? Luckily, the geniuses behind that catchy theme song, Upright T-rex Music, have finally released the album.

The theme song is fantastic, an excellent tune for chilling while you are puzzling or in my case even when reviewing spreadsheets and similar monotonous tasks. There is also a more mellow version of the same song dubbed the in-game version, which I like equally well. Beyond that, the rest of the album is a series of soothing mechanical melodies that work well, but aren’t quite the ear worm of the main theme. Upright T-rex even throws in some more “experimental” remixes at the end, which are a nice touch for those that just can’t get enough Two Dots and already have remixes haunting their dreams.