Top 10 Tips for Game of War

Five Game of War tips down, five more Game of War tips left to go! Without further ado, let’s continue the countdown of my top 10 tips for Game of War!

Tip 5: What is Your Quest?

Quests are another easy thing to take advantage of in Game of War. The basic tip here is to always be running quests. They’re super easy to start – just tap one! The rewards tend to scale with the amount of time it takes to complete the quest, and at low levels they can be pretty meaningless, but every little bit counts in my opinion.

There are several different quest groups available. The daily quests only benefit your town, and they change over (you guessed it!) daily. Alliance quests give rewards that benefit both you and your alliance, so being a good Game of War alliance member means doing these as much as you can. VIP quests are only for people with active VIP benefits, which we’ll cover later on.

Finally, there are Empire Quests, which are just simple goals for your base. At the low levels, you’ll always have an “active” one of these that you’re supposed to be shooting for.

Game of War: Fire Age Tips: Empire Quests!

Pro Tip There’s no reason why you have to do whatever this one quest says – in fact, most things you build, train, upgrade, etc, have corresponding Empire Quests. If you don’t like the one that’s currently active, just ignore it!

Tip 4: A Dark Energy Flows

Game of War also features special dungeons where you can attack enemies in return for Dark Energy. Each attack makes the enemy drop an item, and killing an enemy gives you a chance at even more loot.

For the most part, the only way to make progress in these dungeons is to use Dark Energy, which is a pretty rare resource at the low levels. Sometimes you might find some, but mostly you won’t. It sometimes drops from attacking the monsters in the dungeon, which can keep your dungeon attacks going temporarily.

Game of War: Fire Age Tricks: Dungeon Attack!

There is one free attack in the dungeon per day – when it’s ready, a little red lightning bolt will show up on the screen in line with the free chest icons. Tap it to go to the dungeon, use your free attack, and get your free loot!


VIP is one of those things that Game of War doesn’t really explain. You have a VIP level, which you can raise with VIP points. You get VIP points from certain items, and from logging in daily. Your VIP level determines what sort of benefits you get whenever your VIP is active. You can see your current VIP level and your benefits by tapping on the VIP icon in the upper left of the main game screen.

Game of War: Fire Age Tricks: VIP FTW

Without your VIP being active, your VIP level is effectively useless. However, once you activate your VIP benefits, they stay on for some length of time depending on how they were activated. These benefits include production and speed bonuses that reduce most of the game’s timers. They also boost the amount of time you’re allowed to skip completely.

Pro Tip One thing you might not know is that leveling up your VIP level actually activates VIP benefits for a little while. If you stockpile VIP points, you can get a short burst of VIP to go with them!

Tip 2: Use Your Items

Over time, you’re going to acquire a wide array of items, which all end up in the “Items” tab, under “My Items.” None of this stuff is available for your base until it’s been used on this screen.

As you level up your Stronghold, new chests will unlock for free in the “Treasures” section. These can be redeemed at any time for small bonuses that can help you get a leg up every time you rank your Stronghold up.

Pro Tip Speed Ups can be helpful for reducing the amount of time any of your builds/upgrades/trainings/etc are taking. You can use small Speed Ups in concert with your VIP benefits to clear out a lot of smaller upgrades.

Game of War: Fire Age Tips: Resource Items

Resource items are among the most common, and you might consider saving these if you can. While they’re in item form, they can’t be looted by invading armies. Once they’ve been added to your stockpile, though, they’re fair game. Thus, it makes sense to save them for right before you need them to get over the resource hump of a new upgrade. You can use them and then immediately spend the resources, which sinks them into your base and keeps them safe permanently.

Reddit Suggests… SavageKitty adds: Don’t keep too much resources opened if you aren’t shielded, larger players are constantly looking for weaker players to grab resources from!

One weird item is the Treasure Map. You’ll find these occasionally, but they’re not in the items interface. Instead, you’ll have to go into “More” and then scroll down to the bottom to find “Treasure Map.” Opening one of these will highlight a treasure on the world map, which you can then send an army to excavate.

Tip 1: Open Athena’s Chest

This is quite possibly the best advice I have for new Game of War players. You should make sure the notifications for Athena’s Chest are turned on, and you should open it ASAP after it shows up. These rewards are extremely powerful for new players, and they expire if they’re not claimed.

It’s possible to get dozens of chests with rare items from Athena, or massive speed boosting items. Even gold sometimes drops in Athena’s chest! Make sure you check in with Game of War frequently enough that you can pick these items up before they go away, and you’ll be on your way to profit!

That’s My Top 10!

That’s my top 10 tips for Game of War: Fire Age new players – thanks for reading! No doubt I’m missing something you think is important, so if you’re a Game of War pro, I’d love to hear your tips as well! Who knows, maybe you’ll make it into our next Game of War guide!

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