Tips to beat Two Dots Level 47

Two Dots Level 47 is a beast! Getting the Anchors out isn’t too tough, but clearing all that Ice sometimes seems impossible. Well don’t despair – if you follow these tips you’ll be past it in no time!

Two Dots Level 47

Squaring it away

It is really important to either start with a Square, or to be able to make Square within your first few moves. If you can’t, it will be a matter of luck whether you happen to get one once the game gets going, and it is absolutely imperative that you get a lot of Squares to beat this level. As such, I recommend rerolling the level until you get a Square to start, or at least a board where you can see how to make a Square it 1-2 moves. Once you get started “Squarring”, it should be pretty straight forward to keep making more Squares.

Pro Tip Each time you form a Square, watch for good opportunities to break Ice or free Anchors. If you can clear more than two Ice at one time it is normally a good idea to do so. Sometimes these short little “non-Square” moves will also keep the board cleaner and make it easier to create more Squares in future moves too.

Weight off your shoulders

If you focus on Squaring, you should be able get the Anchors out in less than 5 total moves. The key is to not spend to many moves to just get the Anchors out. If you are Squaring on either side of the board, they will move down and often out with little or no moves spent specifically on getting them. You’ll need the extra moves to get all of the Ice, so don’t waste them chasing the Anchors.

Pro Tip Once the right side clears up, keep an eye on it for chances to create Squares and farm them. With no Ice, you don’t have to worry as much about how exactly the Dots fall, and a Square is a Square wherever you can get it.

Think Two Dots Level 47 was a cakewalk? Got tips of your own? Leave a comment and let us know! Need more tips for Two Dots? Check out 5 Quick Tips here.