Rolling Guide | Jelly Splash

One of the most helpful tips we ever shared with you was the ability to “re-roll” levels in Candy Crush Saga on certain versions of the game. “Re-rolling” for those of you not familiar is simply a method to repeatedly restart a level and look at the opening layout of pieces, without using up any of your lives.
The fact is that games like Candy Crush and Jelly Splash involve a degree of random chance, and as the levels get tougher even the initial layout of Jellies on the board can make a huge difference in whether or not you’ll win. Jelly Splash also entices you to come back and play levels a second time to get 3 stars, and to maximize your score you often need a very good starting board. Rejoice! There is a way to “re-roll” levels in Jelly Splash both on mobile and on Facebook, and we’re going to give you all the details below.

Jelly Splash Pause Icon

Step One: Press the “Pause” Icon

After starting a level, look around the board without making any moves and determine if this one is a keeper. If you don’t like it, look for the “Pause” icon on the screen and press/click it.

Jelly Splash Pause Menu

Step Two: Press the “Restart” Icon

From this menu you have the option of returning to the World Map, but as agent86ix pointed out to me – that’s just wasted clicks to go through each time. Instead, just going ahead and hit the “Restart” icon and the next thing you’ll see is a new board for you to evaluate.

Step Three: Profit

The game can be challenging as it is, so you never need to take a crappy start again. This technique has been confirmed on iOS, Android, and Facebook – so go forth my fellow Splashers and use your new found tactic to defeat those tough levels!