Rocket League XBox One Review: Nothing but net

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Rocket League Delorean

That content tho

A massive initial library of customizable cosmetic options for tweaking out your ride are augmented by console exclusive unlocks and DLC add-ons. “Mutator” options allow rule tweaks that mix up the standard car soccer mechanics, and whole new game modes like “Snow Day” (hockey) are also on the roadmap (already available on PC/PS4). Once Rocket League has you hooked, you can keep toying with the mutator options and unlocking the costmetic items nearly indefinitely. With an already solid track record of delivering new content and game patches, XBox One players should still have a lot to look forward to even coming to the game half a year post-launch.

Rocket League Wasteland

Using the Force

So to recap – Rocket League is a sports game even for the non-sports inclined, it’s easy to pick up and play, and it’s overflowing with customization and content to extend replayability to the max… is it the perfect game? Well, if Rocket League has a weakness I think it is hidden so skillfully that you quickly forget it is there. The truth is controlling a rocket-powered super car and hitting a giant soccer ball is hard. You will spend a lot of time chasing the ball, and even when you do get touches they can as often as not do just the opposite of what you intend. “Heading” the ball in a direction with the jump/flip mechanic is extremely difficult to time and master, and when you add in the variables of what other cars may do some interactions are downright impossible to predict and control. At my current level of skill, I often feel that successful goals were as much a matter of sheer will as of any skill I may have in controlling my vehicle projectile. The great thing about Rocket League is that it is so fast paced that you really don’t have time to fret long about a missed shot or even a few enemy goals. Kickoff goals and lucky bounces can bring you right back into the competition even when you are a few goals down, and the game also awards experience points throughout the match to encourage you for good plays even when you don’t score. Make no mistake – you will fail, and you will fail often. If anything, I think that makes the successful goal more and more exciting though… to the point that I sometimes stand up, pump my fist, and cheer after a successful score. As a lazy, jaded gamer, the fact that Rocket League can get me off my butt and celebrating is about the biggest vote of confidence I can give it.

Rocket League
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Release:2/17/2016 (XBox One)
Our Thoughts:

There is a reason everyone has been talking up this game. It is that good. Mash the download button and start hitting balls with cars as soon as possible.

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