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Redactem Review: There Will Be Blood

Recently I got a chance to check out Redactem – an indie puzzle platformer with rockets, gravity bending, and time rewinds. It was an interesting experience that I may have nightmares about, but I’m undecided as to whether that is a good or bad thing.

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Brigador Review: Tech Mechs

Brigador is an isometric 2D mech-combat action game, and the debut game from indie studio Stellar Jockeys. In Brigador, you stomp, bulldoze, and/or hover your way through a variety of different futuristic cities while battling enemy mechs and causing mass destruction. I snagged a key from the developers and beat the campaign, so I’m ready to present my Brigador review!

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Kerbal Space Program (XB1) Review – Not Because They Are Easy

Kerbal Space Program (often abbreviated KSP) is a rocketry and space simulation game that has been available in some form or another for the last 5 years. On PCs, Kerbal Space Program has been out of Early Access since April 2015. Now a console version of KSP is available for both PS4 and Xbox One. I got a review code for the Xbox One version, and after spending some quality time with a few Kerbals, I’m ready to weigh in. Stand by for launch – here comes my Kerbal Space Program Xbox One review.

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Zombie Night Terror: Living up to the Zombie Hype

You know all those Lemmings you killed? They’ve risen from the dead, and now they are even more awesome in Zombie Night Terror. Find out why this puzzler is worth checking out.

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DubWars Review: All About That Bass

Find out why music game and Dubstep fans will consider DubWars a “must play” game. Wub wub wub wub….

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Infinium Strike Review: To Infinium & Beyond

Infinium Strike puts you in the captain’s chair of humanity’s last hope – the battlecarrier Freedom Strike. Aliens, man. It’s always aliens. They’ve come to destroy us, like for reals. Us puny humans have mostly lost the war, but we managed to discover the secrets of a material called “Infinium” that has all sorts of nifty properties. With it, we’re able to strike back (get it?) and perhaps deal a killing blow to the Wrog. If tower-defense games keep you up all night, you really should learn more about Infinium Strike. Lucky for you, we’re just about to start my Infinium Strike review!

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Crush Your Enemies Review: What Would Conan Do?

Crush Your Enemies is one of a few games we saw at the Gambitious booth at PAX South, where the viking-helmet adorned team from Vile Monarch was on hand to ease us into the world of barbarianism. A couple months

SteamWorld Heist Review: Grand Theft Bot-o

SteamWorld Heist is the most recent game in the SteamWorld series from Image & Form games, a Swedish indie studio. I played (and thoroughly enjoyed) SteamWorld Dig, so I figured it was worth checking out Heist to see if Image & Form could do as good a job with Heist as they did with Dig. Heist feels more like a combination of XCOM, Worms, and Firefly. That’s setting the bar high – does Heist clear it? Now that I’ve spent a couple dozen hours with Heist, I’m ready to pass judgement. Coming up next on Without the Sarcasm is my SteamWorld Heist review!

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Stories: The Path of Destinies Review: Stop me if You’ve Heard This One…

Stories: The Path of Destinies is an action RPG with a heavily branching storyline, released last month by Spearhead Games. The notorious sky pirate Reynardo finds himself in possession of an enchanted book that allows him to see what disaster war is about to bring his world. Armed with the ability to see the effects of his choices before he makes them, Reynardo sets off to find a way to save the world.

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Fragments of Him Review: Piecing Him Together

Fragments_of_Him Gameplay

Fragments of Him definitely made me think, and it certainly made me appreciate the people in my life that I love and love me back. The method of storytelling is unique, and throughout the game I felt like it was on the precipice of crossing over to greatness without ever quite getting there. Read on and check out my full take.

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