My Top 10 Favorite Bloons Monkey City Towers

5. Monkey Buccaneer


The Monkey Buccaneer combines a fast-firing dart cannon with extremely long range, all in a pretty affordable package. It can pop camo with a pretty cheap upgrade, although it can’t handle lead at all.

On the Cruiser upgrade path, it gains a super-fast firing dart machine gun that can deal with even the largest bloon swarms. If you take the Cannon Ship track, it becomes more of a single-target high damage monkey that eventually gains anti-MOAB attacks.

The obvious downside – the Monkey Buccaneer is only useful on water. It’s a ship, duh!

Pro Tip Many courses have lakes, and the Monkey Buccaneer can be placed on these just like in rivers or ocean. I know I often miss this fact when I’m planning my towers for a given level.

4. Spike Factory

Spike Factories are interesting, as they “store up” the ability to pop bloons, rather than dishing it out at a constant rate whenever bloons are in range. Thus, they make good additions to your defenses later in the course rather than earlier. They can catch stragglers, and pop camo bloons with no trouble at all. Their two upgrade paths can make Spike Factories effective against either swarms of ceramics or MOABs, depending on what makes the most sense for you.

The downside to the Spike Factory is that it’s relatively expensive, and there’s a maximum amount of bloons that it can really handle before it’s just overwhelmed. If you end up building one near the end of the track to catch stragglers, chances are it will eventually outlive its usefulness there.

Pro Tip Placement on Spike Factories is critical. They will shoot spikes out onto the track anywhere in their attack radius. Try placing them in a spot where they can only see a single area of the track near the end for the most benefit.

3. Ice Monkey


The Ice Monkey is one of my favorite support monkeys in Bloons Monkey City and I’ll tell you why. It can very easily manage big swarms of bloons, freezing, popping, and slowing them for a time. This means it’s not as easily overwhelmed as the Glue Monkey – although I still do like a good Glue Monkey from time to time.

It can be tough to choose an upgrade path for the Ice Monkey. The Ice Shards upgrade is relatively inexpensive and can cause chain reactions within groups of bloons, but the Arctic Wind and Viral Frost are absolutely devastating against crowds of bloons.

Pro Tip Ice Monkeys can’t see camo, and can’t pop white bloons. Keep that in mind if you’re planning on deploying them early in a track!

2. Mortar Monkey

The Mortar Monkey is darn useful. It can hit anywhere on the track with its mortars, pop lead easily, and is one of few towers that can be targeted and retargeted at will. With the Signal Flare upgrade, It’s a good tower to pair with other towers that might have difficulty with, say, camo or lead. With this upgrade, the Mortar Monkey can hit camo bloons, and any hit by the tower will lose their camo.

Just keep in mind that the mortar fire won’t hit every bloon. However, if you have Faster Reload, it can pop even the biggest swarms of lead bloons with no issues.

As you move from the lower rounds to later rounds, it may make sense to move where the Mortar Monkey is firing, since it’s best against swarms of bloons rather than MOABs. Also, against regen bloons, make sure you set the target to be closer to your other monkeys.

1. Ninja Monkey


Oooh, the Ninja Monkey. Definitely my favorite tower, and I’ll tell you why. Right out of the box, it can pop camo. It really doesn’t start to shine until you start upgrading to Double Shot and Bloonjitsu. When you get a fully Bloonjitsu’d monkey, it is quite a sight to behold.

Don’t neglect the other upgrade track, though! Seeking Shuriken is very useful, as it allows Ninja Monkey shots to curve and hit bloons they wouldn’t otherwise. Also, Distraction is extremely powerful against strong bloons like ceramics.

The downside to the Ninja Monkey with Bloonjitsu is lead bloons. Thus, it’s a good idea to pair this monkey with, say, a Mortar Monkey who can strip the lead for you.

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