5 Quick Tips for Zeptolab’s King of Thieves Part 2

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Welcome to part 2 of our King of Thieves Tips and Tricks. If you missed the first part, click the navigation above to learn about Gem Mines, Pathing, and Gem Management. In part 2 we’ll explain Outfits and give you the low down on Potions. Enjoy!

King of Thieves Outfits

4. Suiting up

Outfits are a huge upgrade that separate the “noobs” from the big dogs. All outfits generally grant more hit points, which means more attempts at an enemies base before you lose a star and take a hit on Gold and Gem percentages. Most outfits also have special talents which improve your odds on loot or have other beneficial affects. Since outfits require rare ingredients, only a few will be available to you in the early game. Here are some tips on the first few:

  • Nimble Foot – You’ll be prompted to make this outfit by the in game tutorial. It’s a good upgrade from the default Simple Black because of the extra hitpoints, but it doesn’t grant you any additional powers. Because of this, I would recommend not spending precious materials on upgrades past level 1.
  • Golden Blaze – Golden Blaze is similar to Nimble Foot, except that it also grants you a percentage increase when looting gold. This seems exciting at first, but it turns out to only be a really significant factor in 2 and 3 star wins. If you tend to 1 star a lot, this outfit won’t do much for you.
  • Lucky Face – The first really impressive outfit in my opinion, Lucky Face gives you a significant increase in Gem stealing chances. Even against tougher bases where 1 stars are frequent, Lucky Face gives you a shot at stealing a Gem. Since Gems can be traded for gold, and increase your rank (which periodically nets you gold) Lucky Face can be a fairly viable outfit for “all-purpose” farming.

King of Thieves Potions

5. Potions

Unlike a lot of free to play mobile titles, I find the “boosts” in King of Thieves to be fairly balanced and a welcome addition. Potions grant you a variety of advantages which either make your odds of defeating a tough base better, or make the result more profitable. When a really tasty base shows up, I find it very worthwhile to spend a few hard earned potions to tip the scales in my favor. You start the game with a certain number of Potions, and you will also find them randomly behind fake keyholes as you play. Why wait for that though, when you can make them yourself. Any time you perform a totem ritual with a complete matching set of gems, you’ll also produce a Potion. Each color of gem produces a different type of Potion as follows:

Gem ColorPotion Created
BlueGang of Thieves
GreenSlow Motion
RedDisable Trap
YellowDouble Gold

Pro Tip At certain times when you aren’t trying to be very competitive in your current League, you can use cheap Gems from your mines to farm Potions. Get a Ritual going, and then just keep dumping the Gems in your mines if they aren’t the right color. This way you will usually have Gem of the right color to substitute any time a Gem gets stolen, and if some cheap Gems get stolen in the process its no big loss.

Hope you found our King of Thieves Tips and Tricks helpful. Got any tips of your own? Leave a comment below!

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