HyperX CloudX Headphones Review: Cloud Builds Steam

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Trying out the HyperX CloudX took me back to a time before I owned nice headphones of any kind. Being quiet while gaming wasn’t really a priority for me before kids, but now I prefer headphones even when being quiet isn’t an issue. You kids today are lucky there are sweet headphones like the HyperX CloudX, because I’ll tell you that first pair of Turtle Beach headphones I picked up at Best Buy back in the day doesn’t hold a candle to these – and back then there were literally no other options.

HyperX CloudX Unboxing

Apples and Trees

A lot of what I liked about the HyperX CloudX doesn’t come as a big surprise, because it is based on the HyperX Cloud II which was the pair of headphones that started my love affair with this brand. The headphones are comfortable (even on my enormous head), and the sound quality is excellent. Disclaimer: I’m not the type to listen to endless pitches and tones or white noise to characterize the soundscape of a pair of headphones. I booted up Rocket League on my XBone and listened to tech dance music and hit soccer balls with a rocket powered DeadMau5 mobile. It was immersive in that great way games can be when you just forget the time and play games with your buddies till late at night.

HyperX CloudX Headphones


As I mentioned, the sound quality is superb – but I thought I’d also mention some random trivia about the noise isolation. By happenstance, I had a contractor in my house tearing out tile with a jackhammer during part of the time I was reviewing the CloudX headphones. The isolation was so good I would sometimes forget the deafening ruckus that was going on in the room just outside. Normally I think of headphones as keeping my sounds in, but clearly they do a pretty excellent job keeping bad sounds out as well.

HyperX CloudX Case

I also wanted to mention a few bonus features of the CloudX that differ a little from my Cloud II. The CloudX has inline volume control and an inline mute switch. The mute is especially helpful if you occasionally have offensive background noise that you want to spare your friends from experiencing. The CloudX also comes with a hard fabric carrying case, which is nice if you like to take your phones on the road in a backpack or suitcase. Finally, the CloudX headphones also come with a PC headphone/mic splitter cable so if you dabble a little in games outside of XBox you can use it with your computer as well.

HyperX CloudX PC Adapter

Its Good to be Hyper

Overall, the HyperX CloudX seems to be another great addition to the HyperX Brand. If you’ve been thinking about some headphones to take your XBox One experience to the next level, look no further.

HyperX CloudX
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Our Thoughts:

With excellent sound and comfort, these headphones are a great upgrade to your XBox setup.

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