How do I breed a Platinum Dragon in DragonVale?

Archived Content Hey! We don’t play DragonVale much anymore, so this info might be out of date. If you see anything that needs correcting, leave us a comment!

Wondering how to hatch a Platinum Dragon in DragonVale?  If you are like me, you want the fastest breeding pair possible.  Seems like it has been a while since a new Treasure dragon was introduced, but luckly we need wait no longer.  The Platinum Dragon is now available, but be warned – it is very rare!


Platinum Dragon





Breeding Pair: Metal + Rust or Water + Rust

Breeding Time: 49 hours or 39 hours 12 minutes (with upgrade)

Availability: Unlimited

Type: Treasure, Epic

Price: 2400 Gems (Good heavens!)

I like the design of this one a lot.  I’m glad to see a more conventional “dragon” after some of the more wild designs recently.  Happy breeding!


  • Snickerdoodlesahae

    Which one is more commonly used and works??? Still have not gotten the turquoise dragon :()

  • EBongo

    Hey Snickerdoodle – the two combos are equally likely. However, my advice would be to focus on Turquoise unless you’ve just given up. Platinum is not limited, so you can keep breeding for as long as it takes. It’s something to work on when you have all of the Limiteds that are currently in available.

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  • Snickerdoodlesahae

    Okay thanx

  • Snickerdoodlesahae

    I will but I love platinum because I made up this thing and I’m platinum person!!!!

  • Snickerdoodlesahae