How do I breed a Platinum Dragon in DragonVale?

Archived Content Hey! We don’t play DragonVale much anymore, so this info might be out of date. If you see anything that needs correcting, leave us a comment!

Wondering how to hatch a Platinum Dragon in DragonVale?  If you are like me, you want the fastest breeding pair possible.  Seems like it has been a while since a new Treasure dragon was introduced, but luckly we need wait no longer.  The Platinum Dragon is now available, but be warned – it is very rare!


Platinum Dragon





Breeding Pair: Metal + Rust or Water + Rust

Breeding Time: 49 hours or 39 hours 12 minutes (with upgrade)

Availability: Unlimited

Type: Treasure, Epic

Price: 2400 Gems (Good heavens!)

I like the design of this one a lot.  I’m glad to see a more conventional “dragon” after some of the more wild designs recently.  Happy breeding!