How do I breed a Paper Dragon in DragonVale?

Archived Content Hey! We don’t play DragonVale much anymore, so this info might be out of date. If you see anything that needs correcting, leave us a comment!

Want the fastest breeding combo to hatch a Paper Dragon?  No problem.  Read on below for all the details you’ll need.  This dragon is back for a limited time with the “Bring ‘Em Back” event.  Get on it.


Paper Dragon






Breeding Pair: (Flower OR Poison) + Mountain   OR  Lava + Lichen

Breeding Time: 12 hours or 9 hours 36 min (with upgrade)

Availability: Back till Jan 2nd

Type: Fire, Plant, Earth, Cold

Price: 1,525 Gems (Too much – but man.. it’s a beauty)


This dragon is phenomenal from a utilitarian point of view.  It is one of only two 4-element dragons so far, and this one breeds much faster.  When you feed them to level 10/15, that means leveling up 4 shrines at once!  Leveling it up is well worth your while, as this dragon is the best earner in the earth or cold habitats.  Get. This. Dragon.