DragonVale Ruby Dragon

DragonVale Current Limited Dragons

Old Content! We don’t play Dragonvale anymore, so we stopped updating this in August 2013.

What should I breed now?

Limited dragons come and go all the time in DragonVale, and so it is increasingly challenging to know the DragonVale current limited dragons available for breeding – and given multiple choices what dragon should be prioritized. But don’t stress! WOTS is here for you! Below you’ll find the currently available limited dragons, and also recently retired dragons and anticipated dragons (which are expected to be available soon).

Available Limited Dragons

In order of priority

  1. Peridot Dragon
    • Available till August 31th
    • August Gemstone Dragon (returning from 2012)
  2. Summer Dragon
    • Available during summer (Probably till ~Sept 21st)
    • The third Seasonal Dragon
  3. Amber Dragon
    • Available till November
    • 2nd 3-month Gemstone

Recently Retired Limited Dragons

Shed a quiet tear, for these dragons are no longer available

  1. Jade Dragon
    • Retired August 14th
    • 13th Gemstone Dragon, starting a new series
  2. Ruby Dragon
    • Retired August 1st
    • July Gemstone Dragon (returning from 2012)
  3. Liberty Dragon
    • Retired July 24th
    • Fourth of July Dragon (new for 2013)
  4. Firework Dragon
    • Retired July 17th
    • Fourth of July Dragon (returning from 2012)

Anticipated Limited Dragons

Watch these dates, and prep your breeding pairs for returning dragons

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