How Co-Ops Work in Farmville 2: Country Escape

Co-ops are one of the interesting features in Farmville 2: Country Escape. If you join a Farmville 2: Country Escape Co-op, you can do some pretty cool things that you can’t do alone or with your Facebook friends. What are these Co-op benefits and how do they work? We’ll dig into that in this article!

Joining a Farmville 2: Country Escape Co-Op

You have to be at least level 11 to join or start a co-op. To access the co-op interface, tap the sign next to your mailbox. Here, you can browse available co-ops. They’re organized so that you see the ones that have helped their members the most at the top. You can scroll down to load more.

Country Escape: Browse Co-Ops

If you find one you like, you can try to join. Most co-ops that you’ll find are locked and so the owner of the co-op must approve new members. I myself tried to apply to several of the more popular co-ops but never got a response!

If that happens to you as well, you can form your own co-op and recruit members among your friends and other folks you know who play Farmville 2: Country Escape. It only costs 100 coins to start a new co-op, and the benefits are well worth the cost, even if you only have a few members!

Checking in With the Neighbors

Once you’ve formed a co-op, you can tap the sign at any point to view who is in your co-op. From here, you can access their farms. Once at their farm, you can use Friendship Fertilizer to double their crop yields, just like you can with your friends. Do note that you only get 5 fertilizers per day for ALL of your friends and your co-op members, so spread the wealth!

Country Escape: My Co-Op

Pro Tip Tired of your current co-op? You can leave by tapping the “Leave Co-Op” button in the upper left of this screen.

You can also use the co-op chat by tapping on the “three people” icon in the upper right, then tapping the “chat bubble” tab. From here, you can request Helping Hands or respond to requests made by your fellow co-op members. You can also… chat with them (obviously).

Country Escape: Helping Hands

Helping Hands are temporary loaner Farm Hands from your co-op friends. You can send them to forage in Farm Scenes if you want. They will go home after 24 hours, or after they forage in one Farm Scene. You can request a Helping Hand every 6 hours, and you can send out a limited number to your friends per day. Sending out a Helping Hand also gives you a bit of free experience!

Country Escape: Co-Op Market

Your Country Escape co-op members will also show up in the “friend market” tab, so you can always buy things your friends have for sale. This is in addition to the “global market” tab where you can buy stuff from random strangers on the internet. Nothing like selling digital trout to bring the world together!

Co-Ops in Country Escape vs Facebook Friends

So what can you do in a Country Escape Co-Op that you can’t do with your Facebook friends, and vice versa?

BenefitCo-Op?Facebook Friends?
Friendship FertilizerYes!Yes!
Friend MarketYes!Yes!
ChatYes!No :(
Helping HandsYes!No :(
Speed SeedNo :(Yes!

The one thing you can’t do with a co-op friend is send or get Speed Seed from them. Speed Seed instantly finishes a crop or an animal, like using keys on it would. It’s super powerful.

Now, bear in mind that you can join a co-op with a Facebook friend and get all the benefits! Yay!