How do I clear Pet Rescue Saga level 91?

Pulling Pet Rescue Saga Level 91 as a Mystery Quest can be kind of painful. What you really need is some major-league big point matches, but you’ve also got to save those pets! In our Pet Rescue Saga level 91 guide, we’ll lay down the tips and tricks to not only clear the level, but hit that elusive Mystery Quest score goal.

Pet Rescue Level 91 Guide

From the start, try to make as many matches as you can to bring that key down in the middle. It’s OK if you run out of matches in the center before that happens, but you’ll have a much higher score and a much better chance of clearing Pet Rescue Saga level 91 if the blocks fall juuuust right and let you get the key out early.

If you get stuck with the key, or luck out and get it out, the next objective is big matches to charge the rocket boost. I tend to find that I get a balloon in the first 5-10 moves pretty consistently, so use that ASAP to give your rocket a huge amount of charge.

You need a total of two of these rockets, and they’re going to be used in the columns where the two pets are stuck above those metal blocks. Use the first rocket as soon as you can to free the first pet. Then, use the bomb to help free the pet in the middle.

Opening up that column gives you much larger matches as a possibility. Make the biggest ones you can, and don’t forget to mix in those x2 blocks where you can. There are a ton stuck in the mesh at the bottom, and they’ll drop in consistently throughout the level. Maxing out your points here is going to require at least one really big match with an x2 block mixed in, so keep focused on that as early as you can. Sometimes it pays to put off a medium-sized match until you can align a larger chunk of blocks.

Once you have the second rocket charged, free the other pet and use the bomb to further free the center pet, if you haven’t already done so.

At this point, if you’re going for score, (say, for a Mystery Quest goal) be cautious of using the balloons. They will tend to pop your x2 blocks and give you minimal points. If they can help you bring together a massive match, awesome. Otherwise, steer clear. You should also probably ignore your rocket boost if it charges again, since it isn’t worth the lost points.

Just clearing Pet Rescue Saga level 91 isn’t too tricky, although that random element creeps in and will probably sink a few of your lives. If you’re going for a Mystery Quest score, though, you’ll need to focus on opening up the board early, making big matches, and avoid using the rocket/balloon boosts past the point at which you’ve freed your pets.

Pet Rescue Saga level 91 is tricky, but it’s not insurmountable! Keep at it and you will succeed!