How do I clear Pet Rescue Saga level 89?

Pet Rescue Saga level 89 is a tricky level, to be sure. There’s a method to the madness here, though, so stick with our Pet Rescue Saga level 89 guide. We’ll show you the tricks and give you the tips to get through this level with minimal fuss and no boosts.

Pet Rescue Saga level 89 starts out weird, and if you don’t do things in the proper order, you’re going to get stuck almost certainly. The metal boxes here will block any attempt to get the pets to the bottom of the screen unless you approach this level carefully.

Pet Rescue level 89: Start

Okay, there are a couple of balloons here. The one in the upper left can be used whenever you want, if you find that you need to remove that color of block in order to proceed. The other balloon is special and must be kept intact! We’ll get to how to use it here in a second.

Our first goals are twofold:

  • Get one of the spring boosts into the top line of the metal boxes
  • Move the single block that is the same color as the pet carriers as far down as it will go

It doesn’t matter which spring boost you get down to that third row from the bottom. They’re all about the same. What does matter is that you clear any blocks between that one pet-carrier-colored block and the metal blocks. Try to make sure you can do this, as you can get stuck really easily if you can’t move that block down.

Pet Rescue level 89 guide: step one

Once the spring boost is in the correct location, use it. This will clear the first row of metal blocks, and make it possible for you to open the rightmost pet carrier.

Pet Rescue level 89 guide: step two

At this point, the spring boost that was sitting right on top of the pet carrier will be in the perfect position to clear the second row of metal blocks, so use it to do that.

Now, you need to get one of the remaining spring boosts to the bottom row, so that you can clear the remaining metal blocks. This should be a cinch, as now is the time to use that balloon in the bottom center.

Pet Rescue level 89 Guide: step 3

Woo, now we’re on the downward slope of Pet Rescue Saga level 89. Just match blocks until the pets have been rescued.

Since there’s also a score goal here, keep an eye out for big chunks of matching blocks, and watch for “x2” blocks that will fall from the top. Make big matches with those x2 blocks in the mix, and you’ll hit the score goal in no time!

This might take a few tries, especially if you either get some bad block combos and can’t get the first pet carrier open, or if at the end you just can’t get the score going. All in all though, you ought to be able to win with these Pet Rescue Saga level 89 tricks within a few lives.