How do I clear Pet Rescue Saga level 119?

Wow, Pet Rescue Saga level 119. This one is quite a doozy. Not only do your pets start out in cages, there’s a whole column of cages waiting to catch them again once they’re freed. Not to mention the neverending flow of mesh blocks threatening to choke your matches to death! Luckily, Without the Sarcasm is here to help with our tips, tricks, and level guide for Pet Rescue Saga level 119.

Pet Rescue level 119 Guide

Okay, no two ways about it, this level is intimidating. There’s a lot of cages and a lot of mesh, and even some metal blocks thrown in for good measure. Where’s our rocket boost when we need it?!

Luckily, spring boosts are going to save the day. The #1 goal on Pet Rescue Saga level 119 is to get as many of those springs as possible down to the bottom of the screen. Focus on this, and practically everything else is going to fall into place.

Well, I say it like it’s that easy. There are some other things to consider. For one, you’ve got to break your pets out of the cages before you hit the bottom, so try to do this as you move the springs down.

It’s also a really good idea to keep a buffer of a block or two between your pets and the cages beneath them. That way, when the cages hit the bottom they will break open and clear for free, instead of requiring you to re-break your pets out with another spring boost.

If you start needing more spring boosts, chances are you’re going to have to use at least a few of them up to break the mesh off the blocks that start to drop. Practically every block that drops in on this level will have mesh around it, and that’s deadly for your matching abilities!

Getting those springs all the way down towards the bottom will save the day, though, as they can clear out any checkerboarded blocks, plus any metal blocks or stuck pets.

With perserverence, you can clear Pet Rescue Saga level 120, keep at it!