How do I clear Jelly Splash Level 40?

Compared to some of the earlier levels, Jelly Splash Level 40 really starts to turn up the difficulty. You don’t have that many moves, and the “Captured Jelly” you are trying to free seems to have Stockholm Syndrome as it continuously moves out of reach of your splashes. What’s a splasher to do? Read below for some tips and tricks to beat this tough level.

Jelly Splash Level 40 Tips

Mr. Mushroom I presume?

When you start the level, the Captured Jelly is trapped and you’ll need to clear at least a few Mushrooms to get it loose. Big matches are the name of this game though, so it’s really in your interest to clear as many Mushrooms as possible without wasting moves. The more Mushrooms you can clear, the more Jellies you’ll have on the board for generating Super Jellies.

Pro Tip Remember that you need to match the Captured Jelly with Jellies that are the same color as it. This means it is a good idea to try and save that color only for matches with the Captured Jelly. Use other colors when you are just clearing Mushrooms, and when matching with the Captured Jelly try and hit some Mushrooms too.

Super Jellies = Win

As I mentioned in my Jelly Splash Beginner’s Guide, you get Super Jellies by forming large matches of Jellies (six or more). Well on “Free the Capture Jelly” levels, they also have another benefit – each time you hit the Captured Jelly with a blast from a Super Jelly, you take five moves off the Captured Jelly. If this wasn’t good enough, another key benefit is that the color of the Super Jelly does not need to be the same as the Captured Jelly.

Pro Tip Since Super Jellies are so valuable in this level, it pays to make large matches, even they aren’t the target color. If you can mix in some Mushroom clearing, do it.

Pro Tip Remember that when you fire a Super Jelly, you can also trigger other Super Jellies. Use this to get the most out of your moves, and try to hit the Captured Jelly with as many Super Jellies at one time as possible.