How do I clear Farm Heroes Saga level 99?

Having trouble with Farm Heroes Saga level 99? Does it seem like, no matter what you do, you just can’t get those 10 apples you need? Well, Farm Heroes Saga level 99 has an insidious secret. Find out what it is and tips on how to clear it in our Farm Heroes Saga level 99 guide!

Farm Heroes level 99 Guide!

Okay, I can hear your brains chomping on this level already. “Water jugs, and a lot of water needed to win. Gotta match next to those jugs a lot! Everything else should just fall neatly into place.”

The level seems to be mostly about Sun and Water if you check the requirements to win. But there’s this teeeeeensy requirement for apples. Like 10 apples. No big deal, right? Then why is it we never seem to have enough?!

I’ll tell you why – see those four apples towards the bottom? That’s it. That’s all the apples there are and ever will be on Farm Heroes Saga level 99. Those four.

“But wait,” you’re saying to the screen right now. (You do realize I can’t hear you, right?) “I need 10 apples to win! 10 is more than 4.” Yes, yes it is. Remember that matching next to required crops gives a +1 to those crops. I covered that in the beginner’s guide, which you can review by clicking here.

What you need to do is make matches next to these apples until they are plussed-up enough that they can satisfy the 10-apple requirement. This is super tricky, especially since matching to create water crops might overwrite your apples! That’s not even considering that matching around that area is likely to move the apples apart and make them impossible to match.

Thus, I’d suggest using your boosts on this one. If you can get the apples up to a +2 or +3, consider using the Shovel or the Line boost to take them out without using a move or requiring a match. You can also use the +1 if you need to, but it won’t just work right from the start – with +1 on each crop that’s still only 8, which is 2 shy of the 10 you need.

Once you’ve solved the apple conundrum, you’ve still got to hit those Sun and Water goals to clear Farm Heroes Saga level 99. This is going to take some luck, as you’ve got just a few moves and some pretty high goals. Try to match close to the middle or bottom of the level, which I found made comboing a bit more likely. Keep your eyes peeled for 5-of-a-row matches, which will clear all of a given crop off the board. Even if it isn’t one of the crops you need, it’s still worth doing for the combo potential.

That’s it for our Farm Heroes Saga level 99 guide – we’ll see you next time!