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About this Clash Royale Card Calculator

This Clash Royale Card Calculator is intended to be used by people who are looking to find out how long it will take to upgrade a particular card. Input the stats of the card, and it will tell you how long it will take to get all the cards and gold you need to upgrade it.

Please note that this Clash Royale Card Calculator is an approximation of the amount of time required to upgrade a card. Many factors are at play here! You may get luckier than what this calculator predicts, or you may get major league unlucky and end up taking longer.

Why no Legendaries? Legendaries aren’t guaranteed drops from any chest, and we don’t have enough crowdsourced data about their drop rate to determine how often they show up. At some point, if the Clash Royale community figures this out, we can add it to the tool.

Some game assumptions that went into this tool include:

  • All unlocked Clash Royale cards are equally likely, regardless of arena rank. For instance, a Common card in PEKKA’s Playhouse is equally likely to be a Tesla or an Archer.
  • Similarly, in the Clash Royale shop, it’s assumed that all cards of a given rarity appear with the same frequency.
  • The Chest Order is assumed to be the same as what’s used in the Clash Royale Chest Order Calculator.

Some player assumptions that went into this tool include:

  • You are assumed to play Clash Royale optimally, that is, you always have a chest unlocking, you always get your Crown Chest cooldown started ASAP, you always open Free Chests, etc.
  • You aren’t spending “real” money to buy anything. Doing so obviously speeds things up.
  • You’re hoarding Gems – if not, you will likely want to buy gold with them to make it easier to buy more cards.
  • You always get the “face value” from chests. That is, if a Giant Chest guarantees 16 rares, you don’t get more than 16. In practice, you’ll probably get a few more. This would help you for rare cards but hurt you for commons.
  • You are focused on a single Clash Royale card, and thus you don’t spend money on cards other than the target card. In the real game, you’re probably going to be focused on multiple cards, but for the purposes of this tool we assume you’ve picked one card to specialize in.