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Do you like medieval explosions, village defense, and barbarians with arrows stuck in their heads? Well then Clash of Clans is the game for you. This addictive casual RTS masterpiece by SuperCell hits many high notes, and has a lot of depth to explore. By the time you hit the long duration upgrades you’ll have some time to kill – so come check out all our tips and strategies here on WOTS!

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Top 10 best kept secrets in Clash of Clans

Like a lot of similar scale casual games, Clash of Clans has a lot of nuance that is not really documented. As such, there are little tips and tricks you can learn over time, which can amount to a significant

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Clash of Clans MEGAGUIDE

Here at Without the Sarcasm, we play a lot of Clash of Clans. We also write a lot of Clash of Clans articles. You might say we're Clash of Clans fanatics! Here I've collected all of our many articles and organized them into a MEGAGUIDE OF EPIC PROPORTIONS for easy reference.

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6 New Tips for Clash of Clans Farming in 2016

Clash of Clans Farming is definitely a whole different ball game since the December patch, but there is still plenty of opportunity to loot and pillage. Use these 6 new tips and you'll be raking in resources and starting the big upgrades in no time!

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