Happy Birthday Clash of Clans!

Clash of Clans Birthday

Hot on the heels of the v4.74 patch which added the Witch, upgraded Wallbreakers, Battle Replays in chat, and a lot of other tweaks – SuperCell has announced a Clash of Clans birthday celebration. As part of the festivities, all players received an in-game message stating that you can boost all collectors for an entire week for only one gem each. Hopefully you’ve already been reaping the reward of boosted collectors – but if not, get in there and throw a boost party! These boosts are usually not the best deal unless you are in the middle of an intense raiding session and you’ve got tons of gems to spare (pronounced: your rich). Scraping together ten or so gems to boost all of your collectors is pretty easy though, and the payout is excellent.

Also bear in mind that everyone else is likely boosting their collectors, so be sure to remember to target them when raiding. May your raids be every plentiful my friends…

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