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Sproggiwood Review: It’s a Cloggy, Sproggi World

Sproggiwood has been out for PC for several months now, but it just now made it to phones and tablets via iTunes and Google Play. A mischievous forest spirit named Sproggi kidnaps a humble Cloghead farmer and sends him on a quest to forge a new civilization. Is it worth grabbing for your device? It's time for a Sproggiwood review!

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DomiNations Review: CoC Clone or Killer?

The RTS genre has had something of a renaissance on mobile recently. Supercell's mega-hit Clash of Clans has brought the RTS into focus on phones and tablets, inspiring a wealth of similar games to pop up. DomiNations is one of these games. DomiNations is notable for the studio that produced it - Big Huge Games. Big Huge Games and Brian Reynolds have a long and storied history in the strategy genre on PC - can they use that heritage to make DomiNations a Clash of Clans killer? Or will it suffer the same fate as so many other CoC clones? Let's find out in my DomiNations review!

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