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My Singing Monsters Review: A Mournful Dirge for Mobile Gaming

My Singing Monsters 3

My Singing Monsters hits some high highs and some low lows, but overall a really cool game concept is marred irreparably by abuse of F2P microtransactions.

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WordBrain Review: Bogglingly Fun

WordBrain Logo

WordBrain is a classic word puzzler from Mag Interactive that plays very similarly to Boggle except that each level is a fixed puzzle with an exact solution. Early puzzles are trivial with few letters to play with, but as you increase your “Brain” score you unlock harder and harder challenges with longer words and more words per puzzle.

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rop Review: Chill or be Chilled

rop Logo

The objective of rop is simple: make the shape you see on the screen. After the first few level though, you’ll start to find that this “simple” objective can be anything but.

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Snail Bob 2 Review: Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Snail Bob 2 Logo

Snail Bob 2 Review: Find out why this slick (and slimey) “play together” parent-kid coop game is worth a look.

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Bloons Monkey City Review: Monkeying with Free to Play

Bloons Monkey City Review: Easy Combat

The Bloons TD series has a long history of cute and challenging tower defense on mobile platforms. The latest entry in the series takes a new direction, though. The team at Ninja Kiwi have added the standard “free to play” trappings to their previously paid-for game mechanics. This has a history of being a terrible idea for most franchises. Does Bloons Monkey City break the mold, or is it another forgettable free-to-play entry in an otherwise stellar game series? Time for a Bloons Monkey City review!

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Inside Out Thought Bubbles Review: I’m Bubbling with Joy

Inside Out Logo

A bubble popper clone that plays better than some of the veterans in the genre, with small tweaks that make it interesting and accessible for kids plus a super catchy IP? Joy must have had something to do with this…..

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Fallout Shelter Review: The Overseer is watching

Vault Boy

Fallout Shelter Review: Find out why Bethesda’s Fallout tie in mobile game is an F2P worth playing (and why it’s not)

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Final Fantasy Record Keeper Review: Like a Broken Record

Final Fantasy Record Keeper Review: Combat

I have a long history with the Final Fantasy series. For a good 20 years after the NES release of Final Fantasy, I’ve owned every game released in the US in the main series, plus most of the spin-offs. Some of these games I own multiple times over, even! It’s no surprise, then, that I grabbed the free-to-play Final Fantasy Record Keeper for my Android device. In this review, I’ll dig into the app and see if it’s worth the download.

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Framed App Review: Making Running from the Law Cool

Framed Level 2

Framed App Review: You need this stylish comic style puzzler. Check out this article to learn why its a must have.

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You Must Build A Boat Review: 10000000 Reasons to Play

You Must Build A Boat Review - the boat

You Must Build A Boat is the latest game from EightyEight Games, a one-man studio located in the UK. EightyEight’s previous game was 10000000 (“ten million”) which was something of an unexpected hit when it was released in 2012. How does You Must Build A Boat stack up to 10000000? Let’s find out in my You Must Build A Boat review!

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