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Bloons Monkey City Contested Territory Guide

Once you’ve conquered the easy levels at the beginning of Bloons Monkey City, you’re likely to hit a major wall – MOABs. No doubt the first time you encounter these massive blue blimps is in the Contested Territory, although quickly

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Beginner’s Guide to Bloons Monkey City

Bloons Monkey City is a deceptive game. On the surface, Monkey City looks like a simple, kid-friendly tower defense title. Below its silly veneer of monkeys popping balloons, though, it's a surprisingly complex and deep game with some serious strategy. In this Bloons Monkey City beginner's guide, I'll explain how to go from your first dart monkey to being able to tackle some of the more challenging early levels.

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My Top 10 Favorite Bloons Monkey City Towers

Bloons Monkey City towers are a diverse bunch, and it can be difficult to pick the right towers for any given level. If you've found yourself perplexed by the question "What's the best tower in Bloons Monkey City?" - don't fret! Each tower has its own strengths and weaknesses. There are some real clear winners, however. In this article, I'll lay out my argument for the best towers in Bloons Monkey City, and tell you when they work and when they don't.

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