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Getting and Spending Command Points – Marvel Puzzle Quest

Compared to Hero Points and ISO-8, Command Points are a relatively recent addition to Marvel Puzzle Quest. MPQ Command Points (CP for short) have quickly gained a reputation as one of the best ways to get 4-star covers, though. Optimizing your MPQ CP gain and spending those command points properly is a key strategic part of Marvel Puzzle Quest. In this Command Point guide for Marvel Puzzle Quest, I’ll give you all the info you need to make smart Command Point decisions. You’ll be earning 4-star covers like nobody’s business!

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Clash Royale Tips and Tricks MEGAGUIDE

Clash Royale Mega Guide

Clash Royale is a game we could probably keep analyzing for 10 years, but it already feels like we’ve been writing articles about it for a decade. Here we’ve compiled a handy dandy cheat sheet to link you all our great tips, tricks, faqs, and guides. It’s a mega Clash Royale party, and you’re invited!

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5 Quick Clash Royale Clan Chest Tips

Clan Chest Tips and Tricks

The Clan Chest to Clash Royale has got to be one of my favorite additions to the game to date. Check out these quick tips to fill your Clan Chest fast!

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Avoiding the Pokemon Go Your Bag is Full Message

The first time you see the dreaded Pokemon Go “Your Bag is Full” message, you might not be that worried about it since you’ll probably have hundreds of Pokeballs at that point. Time will pass though, and eventually you may find that the “Your Bag is Full” problem will become more and more of a nuisance. Check out these tips to avoid “Your Bag is Full”.

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10 Things I Wish I Knew Sooner About Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go Logo

Pokemon Go is a lot of fun, but some things about it are really non-obvious. Check out these 10 things we wish we learned sooner.

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Pokemon Go Tracking Beginner’s Guide

Once you’ve decided to take the plunge into Pokemon Go, you will very quickly be presented with a surprising problem: Pokemon Go Tracking. One of the most basic parts of the game receives virtually no explanation in game – but don’t worry, we’ll break it down for you right here!

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Top 4 Clash Royale Tournament Tips to Win Top Spots

Did you get whooped in your last Clash Royale Tournament? Read these 4 tips to make your next Clash Royale Tournament a win!

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Guide to Understanding Clash Royale Emotes

Clash Royale Emote Angry

If you are new to Clash Royale, you have a lot to learn – but among the many aspects of tribal knowledge is the games fairly robust emote system. Regardless of where your opponent may live, and whether you speak the same language, few rounds will go by without a wealth of “communication”. Since it may not be easy at first to understand everything that is assaulting your eyes, we’ve put together this handy Guide to Understanding Clash Royale Emotes.

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Clash Royale Gems Guide

lash Royale* continues the proud SuperCell tradition of charging you real-world money for imaginary gems. As we’ve come to expect from free to play games, there are a few ways to hoard a limited number of these ultra-useful gems. If you’re wondering “how do I get more free Clash Royale gems?” or “what should I spend my Clash Royale gems on?” – search no further! In this Clash Royale gems guide, I’ll give you all the tips you need to know to maximize your Clash Royale gems.

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Rise and Destroy Review: It’s Monsterrific!

Y’know who gets a bad rap? Giant monsters. I mean, most of them are just napping peacefully until our meddling wakes them up and steals their stuff. Now all they really want to do is tear up a few cities and eat all the tasty, delicious people inside. Finally, there’s a game that understands how much fun that can be. Rise and Destroy is a free-to-play mobile title from Kingsisle that puts you in the shoes… err, giant talons(?) of a bunch of different, unique monsters, and tasks you with trashing stuff. Is it worth downloading to your phone or tablet? Let’s find out in my Rise and Destroy review.

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