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Some Real Advice for New Parents

A while back I wrote a somewhat humorous article about being a parent. Although I was being somewhat silly, all those stories were basically true. After doing this with three kids over the last decade (give or take) I do feel like I could maybe take a crack at writing some serious advice to new parents.

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4 Things Nobody Tells You About Being a Parent (Part 2)

We’re halfway through my countdown of the top four things nobody bothered to tell me about being a parent. If you’ve somehow joined us midway or if sleep deprivation has caused you to forget them, jump back to the top.

4 Things Nobody Tells You About Being a Parent (Part 1)

When my wife was pregnant, I frequently got asked if I was “ready to be a parent.” I never really knew how to answer that. I don’t think anybody’s really “ready” to be a parent until months/years after their kids