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Top 8 Tips for Holiday Shopping

Guest writer tlc is back, this time with her favorite tips to save a few bucks on your holiday shopping lists. She's done the family holiday shopping for years, and always manages to get everyone just what they want while still keeping the budget reasonable. Tips ahoy!

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Some Real Advice for New Parents

A while back I wrote a somewhat humorous article about being a parent. Although I was being somewhat silly, all those stories were basically true. After doing this with three kids over the last decade (give or take) I do feel like I could maybe take a crack at writing some serious advice to new parents.

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Ready Player One Review: I’m Ready for the Movie

Ready Player One paints a future with the best video game EVAR!!! Corporate jerks want to ruin it, and the majority of the human race is paralyzed by sloth and apathy. This sounds like a job for a rag-tag group of socially awkward super nerds.

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Our Vacation to the San Francisco Area

My wife and I recently returned from our first real “adults only” vacation since we had our first child, over 7 years ago. Some friends are visiting the area soon, and I also wanted to record the trip while it

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Four Tools to Enhance Your Favorite Websites

Anymore, it seems like almost everything I do is online. What you may not know is that there are tools that make our online world even easier. The following article will give you information about tools that will make your daily use of the internet even easier.

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