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Digistump Oak-Based System Monitor

Enterprise grade servers tend to have an embedded computer that keeps track of the server’s status even when it’s turned off. This sort of thing is called “out of band management”. Now that we’re fully in the “internet of things” era, there’s really no reason why we can’t all have the benefits of such a system. In this article, I’ll document my “system monitor” that keeps track of my primary PC, even when I’m not around.

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Installing nginx with nginx-rtmp-module on Ubuntu from a Custom .deb

Here at WOTS, we stream to our YouTube channel via an nginx relay. Out of the box, nginx doesn’t support RTMP, though. There’s a module you can download – but it’s source only. Since nobody is currently making a PPA for nginx with RTMP support built in, I build mine from source. It’s not as hard as it sounds – anybody can figure it out! In this article, I’ll archive my scripts for building nginx with the RTMP module the Ubuntu way.

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Logitech G610 Orion Red & G810 Orion Spectrum Review

In our third and final installment of Logitech’s G-series roundup for 2016, we’ve got two new keyboards to discuss. Since they’re quite similar, I’m going to group them together in one review. The two ‘boards I’ve picked to review are

Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum Review

While at SxSW last month, EBongo and I stopped and spent some time going over the Logitech G-series lineup for 2016. Since the con floor really isn’t the best place to get a good impression of an input device, I asked Logitech if they’d be willing to ship me a G502 Proteus Spectrum that I could use for review. I’ve spent a week with it, and now I’m ready to pass my verdict! Is the G502 Proteus Spectrum worthy of your monster gaming rig? Let’s find out in my G502 Proteus Spectrum review!

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Logitech “G” Series Lineup Impressions from SxSW 2016!

As you know, one of WOTS’ major events every year is the SxSW Gaming Expo, a three day event that brings together big names from the gaming, anime, and board game vendors under one (very crowded) roof. This time around, EBongo and I set our sights on Logitech, who brought a massive booth to the show in order to demo their gaming-oriented G series keyboards, mice, and headsets.

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agent’s Streaming PC Build for 2016!

I’ve been building my own PCs since around 1996. That’s about… 20 years of custom PCs! About every 3 years, I build a new one. This year, I decided to build a killer streaming rig. After much deliberation and shopping,

HyperX Savage SSD Review

We met with the fine folks at Kingston/HyperX at PAX South 2016. While we mostly talked headsets, I did follow up with HyperX about their other gaming-rig-related products. They offered to send me a HyperX SSD to check out, so I’ve put the Savage through its paces as part of my streaming machine upgrade. If you’re interested in the HyperX Savage line, check out my review!

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HP Pavilion 15t (Skylake) Laptop Review

HP Pavilion 15t Review: Front View

After the untimely death of my Lenovo, and because my other Toshiba laptop was getting up there in years, I decided to pick up a new laptop. My main requirements? A Skylake CPU, a dedicated Nvidia GPU, and something in

Four Tools to Enhance Your Favorite Websites (part 2)

Welcome back to our countdown of four tools to enhance your favorite websites! If you’re joining us in the middle, why not start with part 1?

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Four Tools to Enhance Your Favorite Websites

Anymore, it seems like almost everything I do is online. What you may not know is that there are tools that make our online world even easier. The following article will give you information about tools that will make your daily use of the internet even easier.

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