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Fortified Review: 3 Essential Genres + Martian Minerals

Fortified is a combination RTS, tower defense, and third person shooter released this past week on Steam and Xbox One. Fortified comes to us from Clapfoot, a Canadian indie studio that has previously worked on several mobile games. Tower defense and third person shooter games have been tried before, often with great success. How does adding RTS elements into the mix effect this potent genre combo? Let's find out in my Fortified review.

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Iron Brigade Update!

Two quick updates about Iron Brigade.  First, the free update associated with the name change is now available and includes a new survival mode and some additional high end gear.  Second, an additional (most likely “pay for”) DLC pack is

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The game formerly known as “Trenched”

If you haven’t played Trenched, well I’m sorry – you’re never going to.  Double Fine was forced to change the name due to some copyright dispute in Europe over a board game I’ve never heard of – but don’t despair….

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