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Con Report: Best of PAX South 2015

EBongo and I spent 3 days checking out the Penny Arcade Expo (PAX South) in San Antonio, and we saw so many good games! We spent most of the ride back to Austin discussing our favorites. In this article, we'll pick our top games from the expo floor!

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How to choose games for kids

As my partner-in-crime EBongo and I are both gamers and fathers, (he’s got 2 kids; I’ve got 3) often we find ourselves trying to decide what games for kids our brood should be allowed to play/watch. If it were up

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Playstation Plus Deal & Quick Roundup

I’ve resisted Playstation Plus to this point, mainly because I didn’t really care about most of the benefits. Cloud saves? Meh. Background updating? Meh. Discounts? Meh. This month, though, they’re giving away 12 games to subscribers. The only catch is

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