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Enter the Gungeon Review: Gunning for the Past

Enter the Gungeon may be the most hotly anticipated game in WOTS headquarters since… ever. We’ve seen Gungeon at four cons, played co-op, met Dave Crooks, seen the giant bullet costume that Sony made, and discussed it internally ad nauseum. It’s finally here, guys! Enter the Gungeon is ready for prime time! Let’s not waste more words introducing it, it’s time to kick off the Enter the Gungeon review!

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Epistory: Typing Chronicles Review: Of Fox and Girl

Epistory: Typing Chronicles has made its way through Steam Early Access, and is now available in a full release! About a month ago, I got the chance to take the Early Access version of the game and I wrote up a preview. At that point, only the first half of the game was available. Now that the whole thing is ready, let’s circle back and see how well Epistory: Typing Chronicles holds up in my review!

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Karaski: What Goes Up… Review: Oh, the Humanity

Karaski: What Goes Up… is a story-driven “whodunnit” adventure game created by Unbound Creations. Karaski tells the story of a fictional Eastern European nation’s first blimp’s ill-fated maiden voyage. When everything starts to go catastrophically wrong, it’s up to you to solve the mystery and uncover the saboteur. Should you punch your tickets and take this cruise? Let’s find out in my Karaski: What Goes Up review.

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Dark Rituals and Blood Sacrifice: Den vänstra handens stig

The only succinct way to describe Den vänstra handens stig is to call it “divisive.” Every label I attempt to attach to it slides off its slippery, icy surface. Despite my frustration at attempting to fully comprehend it, I can confidently say that Den vänstra handens stig is by far the most interesting experience I had at PAX South 2016. Now that it’s had some time to sink in, and I’ve had a chance to talk to creator M. James Short about it, I’m ready to share what I think I know.

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Black Ice Preview

Black Ice is a cyberpunk styled first person shooter from Super Duper Game Company that is currently available on Steam Early Access. You play as a 80’s “Hollywood style” hacker, who must “jack in” and do nefarious stuff in a

Epistory: Typing Chronicles Preview

Epistory: Typing Chronicles is yet another unique indie title that we checked out at PAX South 2016. It has the distinction of being the only typing-based game I’ve played in the last… ten years or so. What makes it so special? Let’s go into detail in my Epistory: Typing Chronicles preview!

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Feist Review: Furry and Feisty

Feist Gameplay 2

Even though Limbo comparisons don’t hold up, Feist is excellent in every way that it is different. With sticks swinging and pine cones flying every fight feels hectic, but your feisty “fuzzball” is just tough enough to get your adrenaline pumping. Narrow escapes from dark menaces will keep you trying ‘one more time’ until you get scared of the dark… or you need a change of undies.

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Fortified Review: 3 Essential Genres + Martian Minerals

Fortified is a combination RTS, tower defense, and third person shooter released this past week on Steam and Xbox One. Fortified comes to us from Clapfoot, a Canadian indie studio that has previously worked on several mobile games. Tower defense and third person shooter games have been tried before, often with great success. How does adding RTS elements into the mix effect this potent genre combo? Let’s find out in my Fortified review.

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Con Report: Best of PAX South 2016

It’s the second year of PAX South, and our second year of being invited to cover it! This year at PAX South, we saw another bumper crop of awe-inspiring titles. Now that we’ve had a chance to discuss and reflect on everything we saw, let’s pick our favorite games of PAX South 2016!

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Rebel Galaxy Preview

Rebel Galaxy Preview: Exploring Space

It’s no secret that we here at Without the Sarcasm love us some Rebel Galaxy. We did name it our favorite game of PAX South, remember? Recently, the fine folks at Double Damage Games released a press/streamer only alpha build. I asked nicely and got access, and spent the last week taking it for a spin around the sector. Now that it’s over, let’s look back at the slice of Rebel Galaxy I got to play, and come up with some sort of Rebel Galaxy preview.

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