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Loot Rascals Review: Rascally Roguelike

Another one of our favorite games of PAX South 2017 was Loot Rascals, my Editors Choice for Best Strategy. Indie dev Hollow Ponds is putting the finishing touches on the game for a March 7th release, and I was lucky enough to snag a review copy! Does the full game live up to the con demo hype? Coming up next, my Loot Rascals review!

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Automata Empire Review: Automata for the People

Automata Empire first popped up on our radar after a most unlikely demo – we saw it at an afterparty during PAX South 2016. It took home our Pleasant Surprise award at the con for popping up out of nowhere and stealing our hearts. Automata Empire released last April, but somehow we lost track of it until we bumped into Nonadecimal Creative again in an unlikely place – the Black Ice booth at PAX South 2017! We’re not letting this one get away again – let’s nail down these little fuzzy monsters before they head off in a random direction. It’s time for our Automata Empire review!

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LucidSound Drops the Bass at PAX South 2017

Here at Without the Sarcasm, we like to keep tabs on all the up-and-comers of the gaming hardware scene. On our latest trip to PAX South, we were invited to come check out a relatively new brand of gaming headsets that launched just last year. At the LucidSound booth, we met with CEO Chris Von Huben, who walked us through his company’s current lineup as well as their vision for the future of gaming headsets.

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Nefarious Review: Crime and the Payment Thereof

After decades of cheesy “bad guy steals girl, good guy saves her” tropes in our video games, I think it’s safe to say that we’re in the mood for something… fresh. Nefarious dropped in our lap during PAX South, and it promises to finally break us out of our rut and poke fun at video game history along the way. It’s tricky to spin a tired concept and find a fresh angle – does Nefarious manage to nail biting satire or go directly to jail? It’s time to find out in my Nefarious review!

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PAX South 2017 Con Awards

Mr Shifty PAX South 2017

PAX South 2017 brought its “A” game. A huge increase in exhibitors, more space, sweet new events… and great games! Let’s break down the best of the best!

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10 PAX South 2017 Must See Games

Night in the Woods at PAX 2017

In order to feed my hype addiction, I made a list of 10 PAX South 2017 Must See Games. If you are attending the con, you have to check these out!

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Infinium Strike Review: To Infinium & Beyond

Infinium Strike puts you in the captain’s chair of humanity’s last hope – the battlecarrier Freedom Strike. Aliens, man. It’s always aliens. They’ve come to destroy us, like for reals. Us puny humans have mostly lost the war, but we managed to discover the secrets of a material called “Infinium” that has all sorts of nifty properties. With it, we’re able to strike back (get it?) and perhaps deal a killing blow to the Wrog. If tower-defense games keep you up all night, you really should learn more about Infinium Strike. Lucky for you, we’re just about to start my Infinium Strike review!

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Crush Your Enemies Review: What Would Conan Do?

Crush Your Enemies is one of a few games we saw at the Gambitious booth at PAX South, where the viking-helmet adorned team from Vile Monarch was on hand to ease us into the world of barbarianism. A couple months

HyperX Cloud Revolver Review: A New Spin on an Old Favorite

While at PAX South this year, EBongo and I stopped by the HyperX booth to check out the latest from Kingston’s gamer-focused line. While we saw several pieces of new gear, by far our most anticipated item was the Cloud Revolver – the follow-on to HyperX’s Cloud and Cloud II headsets. With the help of the fine folks at Kingston, EB and I snagged a couple of review units. Now that I’ve had a chance to play with mine for a while, I’m ready to weigh in. Coming up in this Cloud Revolver review, I’ll lay out the improvements and give you my read on these new cans.

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Flat Kingdom Review: Flat is Beautiful

Games Starter made a big splash at PAX South this year, bringing a whole slew of interesting games from Mexican independent developers. The one that really caught my attention was Flat Kingdom, which won our Best Platformer of PAX South 2016! Now that the full release is available, I circled back and played it from start to finish. Did it live up to expectations? Find out in my Flat Kingdom review.

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