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Pixel Galaxy Review: Bullet Hell Meets Tetris

Serenity Forge’s second game to hit Steam this year is Pixel Galaxy, a top-down shooter… of sorts. It combines elements of bullet hell games with several other genres, including Tetris -style rotation mechanics. Should you attach it to your library, or avoid it like a curtain of enemy fire? Let’s find out in my Pixel Galaxy review!

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Jotun Review: There Might Be Giants

Jotun is an action game steeped in Norse mythology featuring vast wilderness exploring sections and massive boss fights. Join the warrior Thora, who has died an inglorious death and must prove herself to the gods in order to enter Valhalla. Her trial – 5 massive Jotun (“giants”) – awaits!

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Assault Android Cactus Review: Playing With Cacti

Assault Android Cactus officially left Early Access this past week, bringing its unique take on the dual stick shooter to PCs across the globe. We’ve talked about Assault Android Cactus before – when we saw it at SxSW 2015 and it got its own preview to boot! Now that it’s out for realz, let’s do a full-on Assault Android Cactus review!

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Subaeria Preview

Subaeria is a procedurally generated puzzle roguelike that just entered Early Access on Steam. I got access to a preview copy of the game, and so I’ve been taking its heroine Styx for a run through her post-apocalyptic undersea world.

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TIS-100 Review: PC LOAD ACC? WTF Does That Mean?

TIS-100 Preview: the Manual

TIS-100 is the second Zachtronics game to enter and leave Early Access this year. Like Infinifactory and SpaceChem before it, TIS-100 is a brain-bending puzzle game that forces you to solve tricky problems while paying close attention to the game’s constraints. How has the game changed since Early Access, and should you pick it up? Let’s make a final call in our TIS-100 review.

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Infinifactory Review: The Factory of Tomorrow

Back when it was in Early Access, I took Infinifactory for a spin and wrote up my impressions in my Infinifactory Preview. Now that the game has seen a full release, let’s take a look at what’s new!

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Party Hard Review: This Party is Killer

Party Hard Banner

Party Hard Review: This Party is Killer… the light-hearted side of brutally stabbing your neighbors for noise violations. Warning: Hijinks ensue.

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Big Pharma Review: Drugs are Goooood

Big Pharma Review: Production Interface

Big Pharma is the second release from developer Twice Circled, (a.k.a. Tim Wiksteed) and the first to be published by Positech Games. In Big Pharma, you are in charge of a drug empire (the legal kind…) that is just getting started, and you have to carefully research and develop medications to meet the needs of customers-slash-patients. I grabbed a review copy late last week and spent most of the weekend zoned out making questionably effective creams. How does this factory management/business sim stack up? It’s time for a Big Pharma review.

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Corpse of Discovery Review: Exploring Life’s Main Quest

Corpse of Discovery Review: AVA

Corpse of Discovery is a walking simulator with exploration elements and a sci-fi setting. In Corpse of Discovery, you play a lone explorer, tasked by the Corps to undertake a difficult and risky mission on a hostile planet. After your shuttle crash lands, what will you do? Is there any hope for rescue? I got a pre-release key for Corpse of Discovery and have been mapping its contours – in this Corpse of Discovery review I’ll present my findings.

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Broken Bots Preview

Broken Bots Preview: Glitching

Broken Bots is a multiplayer twin-stick shooter with some rather unique combat mechanics that landed on Steam Early Access this month. I sat down with the Early Access build, played with what’s available so far, and asked a few questions of the devs from Broken Bots devs Bunnycopter. Now I’m ready to bring you the latest on the game – strap in and get ready for glitches, here comes my Broken Bots preview!

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