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Fragments of Him Review: Piecing Him Together

Fragments_of_Him Gameplay

Fragments of Him definitely made me think, and it certainly made me appreciate the people in my life that I love and love me back. The method of storytelling is unique, and throughout the game I felt like it was on the precipice of crossing over to greatness without ever quite getting there. Read on and check out my full take.

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Karaski: What Goes Up… Review: Oh, the Humanity

Karaski: What Goes Up… is a story-driven “whodunnit” adventure game created by Unbound Creations. Karaski tells the story of a fictional Eastern European nation’s first blimp’s ill-fated maiden voyage. When everything starts to go catastrophically wrong, it’s up to you to solve the mystery and uncover the saboteur. Should you punch your tickets and take this cruise? Let’s find out in my Karaski: What Goes Up review.

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Ultimate Chicken Horse Review: Horsing Around with Sawblades

Ultimate Chicken Horse Characters

Standing out from the crowd, Ultimate Chicken Horse places you in a 2-4 player platforming brawl where your objective is to run, jump, and parkour your way to the finish while at the same time preventing your fellow farm animals from accomplishing the same objective. How does that work? Read on and we’ll break it down.

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SUPERHOT is a puzzle FPS game (as weird as that is to write…) by the aptly named SUPERHOT Team. It grew out of a game jam concept, had a successful Kickstarter, and is coming out this week for Xbox One

The Flame in the Flood Review: Smoke on the Water

The Flame in the Flood is a survival and river rafting game released by The Molasses Flood, an indie studio made up of ex-AAA studio “refugees.” The Flame in the Flood follows Scout and her faithful canine companion Aesop as

Rocket League XBox One Review: Nothing but net

Rocket League Cars

Rocket League is a sports game even for the non-sports inclined, it’s easy to pick up and play, and it’s overflowing with customization and content to extend replayability to the max… is it the perfect game? Read on for our take on the rocket-car soccer games arrival on XBox One.

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Unending Galaxy Review: Universally Ambitious

Unending Galaxy is a sandbox space sim that touches a bunch of different genres, developed by Anarkis Gaming. In it, you play a humble ship owner who can become a miner, trader, pirate, space-businessman, or even a warmongering dictator of your own sprawling empire. It’s a relentlessly ambitious combination of elements, but do they work well together? That’s the question I’m setting out to answer in my Unending Galaxy review.

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Rebel Galaxy Review: Go On, Be a Rebel

Rebel Galaxy is the debut game from Double Damage Games, a studio founded by a couple of industry veterans who previously founded Runic Games, the makers of Fate and Torchlight. This time around, Travis and Erich have set their sights on making a space combat/exploration/trading game. After we went hands-on at PAX South, we were frothing at the mouth about this game – does Rebel Galaxy live up to our expectations? Let’s find out in my Rebel Galaxy review!

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Human Resource Machine Review: Machine Learning

Human Resource Machine puts you in the shoes of a lowly office worker tasked with menial, repetitive tasks. You’ve got to overcome each of these tasks by breaking them down into logical steps and iterating over those steps until all the work is done. If only we had a computer to help… but, I digress. In my Human Resource Machine review, we’ll tackle these puzzling logic problems with a heaping helping of programming know-how.

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Sublevel Zero Review: Zero to 6d

The “Six Degrees of Freedom” (6doF) subgenre of 3D space sims has existed for longer than 3D accelerators. Sublevel Zero is a modern take on this historic class of games, and it couples space exploration and combat with roguelike elements. Do roguelike elements gel with confined space combat? Let’s find out in my Sublevel Zero review.

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