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Con Report: Best of PAX South 2015

EBongo and I spent 3 days checking out the Penny Arcade Expo (PAX South) in San Antonio, and we saw so many good games! We spent most of the ride back to Austin discussing our favorites. In this article, we'll pick our top games from the expo floor!

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Complete Halo 4 Medal List & Guide

Welcome to our Halo 4 Medal Guide! Hover your mouse over any of the medals to see the unlock condition.

Drop Zone is hilariously awesome!

We’ve been playing the Modern Warfares in multiplayer for several months now.  This is generally the part of the cycle where things start to drag.  The single player is just a memory, SpecOps are all Opped out, and the thought

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A First Prestige Retrospective

Having recently topped out at 80, prestiged, and made a dent in our second run through the XP levels, I feel like we’ve put enough time in to give a first-pass assessment of MW3 multiplayer. What I like agent86: Support

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In their own words

I continue to have problems with the Elite service, now almost two weeks after the games release.  It saddens me that what couldn’t have been (and probably eventually will be) a big step forward for the franchise, is currently a

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I think you misspelled “ELITE”

The Call of Duty “Elite” service is perhaps one of the most ironically named creations I have encountered in recent memory. In the logo version of the name the spelling looks more like “EL:T3” – clearly their marketing team’s effort

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You only get one chance…

So expectations were high for our first night of Modern Warfare 3, and in the end I was not disappointed.  Sure there were some disappointing things about the evening, but overall it gave me what I craved. It seems a

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