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What is up with the Humble Daily Bundle?

For the past week or so, the guys at Humble Bundle have been putting out a new bundle every day. This should be something I’m excited about – I am passionate about getting good deals on games! However, this whole

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Top 5 Tricks for Steam Sales

Periodically, Steam runs ginormous sales of practically every game they sell. These Steam Sales usually come around in the summer (ie, mid-July) and a couple times in the winter (ie, Black Friday and Christmas). I love these, personally, since I

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Quick How To: Get a “The War Z” Refund

The War Z (WarZ?) has been stealing headlines lately, bucking the old adage of “all publicity is good publicity.” This is the second time in recent history that I’ve seen complaints about a Steam Greenlight game that wasn’t quite “baked”

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Halo 4 Crimson Map Pack Free!

The Halo 4 Crimson Map Pack is now available for download, and in a strange twist MS says that it is free for everyone eligible for the Specialization Priority Alpha codes.  Apparently, those of us jilted by the previous process,

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Microsoft Points and LIVE Gold Deals Guide

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a gamer in possession of a good Xbox 360 game must be in want of a code. Everybody who has an Xbox knows that in order to get the most out of your

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Play/Pause September 2012

Play/Pause is a new idea I had, wherein I check in with the games I started but just couldn’t bear to finish.

Holiday Steam Sale Cheap/Indie Roundup

Ugh, my wallet has a hangover.  The Steam Holiday Sale did another number on it.  As is my way, I dropped another $20-$30 on things that were cheap and interesting, so let’s take a couple of asprin and survey the

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Newegg sucked me in for the last time.

I am a big “budget games” guy.  I rarely buy games at full price, if I can avoid it.  I’m usually content to wait on a given game until it’s in the bargain bin, with all the DLC included.  I

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