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Tips to beat Two Dots Level 35

There are some tough levels though, and one of the first really hard ones is Two Dots Level 35. It just seems like you don't have enough moves to ever finish it. Well before you smash your phone, try these tips to beat this tough level.

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Rolling Guide | Two Dots

If you've visited WOTS before, you probably know that we loathe randomness in our puzzling games. It's not much of a puzzle if it is impossible to solve, after all. End randomness with this one powerful trick, that will give you a leg up every time you start a level!

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5 Quick Two Dots Tips and Tricks to beat the toughest levels

So you've heard about Two Dots huh? Maybe you read our review and now you're hooked. You know your buddies at WOTS wouldn't get you addicted without sharing some Two Dots Tips to get you past those tough levels. Here are five quick Two Dots tips and tricks to keep you connecting.

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