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Tips to beat the New Two Dots Level 72

Two Dots Cowboy Dude

I’d like to tell you that the new Two Dots Level 72 was easier, that version 2 is a relief from the pain some experienced with the long path of the previous version…but I can’t. In fact, the new Two Dots Level 72 is so hard it might be THE HARDEST LEVEL IN THE GAME! Check out these tips to finally beat it!

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Tips to beat New Two Dots Level 69

The New Two Dots Level 69 is arguably even harder than its formidable predecessor! Why you gotta be so rude Betaworks! Don’t you know we’re human too? Check out these tips to beat the new bruiser.

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Tips to beat Two Dots Level 72

Several readers have reached out and asked for some tips on Two Dots Level 72. Ask and you shall receive friends! Level 72 can be fairly difficult, and like most levels in Two Dots that involve Fire, if you don’t have the right strategy… you’ll get killed with fire.

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Two Dots Soundtrack now available!

Two Dots Soundtrack

The music to Two Dots is one of the best parts, and for weeks now folks have been asking “so where is the Two Dots Soundtrack”? Well, it’s finally here! Check out this breakdown of a few of the songs you’ll recognize.

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Tips to beat Two Dots Level 102

Two Dots Amelia

Two Dots Level 102 is so hard! I had nearly convinced myself it was impossible, when I finally figured it out. Check out this detailed strategy to finally get past Level 102 and see what that fox with the big ears is up to.

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Tips to beat Two Dots Level 55

Two Dots Submarine

The board layout, and the non-intuitive behavior of the Ramps make Two Dots Level 55 very challenging. You can’t give up now! Read on for tips and tricks to get past it!

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Two Dots Update | Level 85 glitch

Two Dots Sadface

The Two Dots update is live but after you load the update many folks find that they have to beat level 85 again! Read on for steps to recover your progress.

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More Two Dots Levels are coming: The Adventure Continues

Two Dots Happy Girl

Are you dying for more Two Dots levels like us? Well it looks like we won’t have to wait much longer! Dots CEO Paul Murphy announces when the next installment will be released, and explains why you have to wait for more lives.

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Tips to beat Two Dots Level 47

Two Dots Level 47 is a beast! Getting the Anchors out isn’t too tough, but clearing all that Ice sometimes seems impossible. Don’t despair – if you follow these tips you’ll be past it in no time!

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Tips to beat Two Dots Level 69

Two Dots Fire Forest

By the time you’ve reached Two Dots Level 69, I’m sure you’ve already developed a healthy dislike of Fire. By all rights, Fire is even more evil than Chocolate in Candy Crush Saga, and that is saying something! Level 69 can seem impossible, but with the right strategy you should be able to pass it within a few attempts. Check out these tips to finally defeat the fire!

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