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How do I breed a Merry Monster in Tiny Monsters?

Want to hatch a Merry Monster?  Tiny Monsters has released yet another Christmas monster (adding to Gift and Holly).  The baby version is not hideous, but we’ll see about the adult.             Breeding Pair: Fire

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How do I evolve my Gift Monster?

        Are you ready to evolve your Gift Monster to a teen and adult?  Are you tired of looking at that stupid dancing box with legs?  Yeah… me too. Evolving to teen: Step 0: Breed or buy

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How do I breed a Holly Monster in Tiny Monsters?

Wondering how to hatch a Holly Monster?  It’s a reasonable question, since getting a Holly Monster is necessary to evolve the Gift Monster.  Well you’ve come to the right place.           Breeding Pair: Ice + Silk

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