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Rolling Guide | Jelly Splash

Starting a level and already knowing you are going to lose is terrible. It isn't fair! Well that problem is a thing of the past if you follow the steps in this "rolling" guide for Jelly Splash. Don't waste lives on bad initial layouts - use this simple trick to always start with a good one!

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How do I clear Jelly Splash Level 40?

Jelly Splash Level 40 is a tough one. With so few moves how can you possibly free the Captured Jelly? Well it turns out there are a few tips that make a BIG difference. Check out this article for all the details.

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Jelly Splash Beginners Guide (Part 1)

Tired of the same old crushing of candy? Open minded about fun games which shamelessly copy Candy Crush's success formula? Check out our tips and review of Jelly Splash - a cute CCS clone, and the "Diet Coke of evil".

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