Candy Crush Levels Guide – World One Episodes 1 – 3

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Candy Crush Saga Episode 1 Candy Town

Candy Town – Episode 1

Levels 1-10

This place is pretty darn easy, and part of how King gets you hooked on the game. Matching is fun, yay! Down the road you may look back on this episode like a free score from a drug dealer, but for now – enjoy the fun. Pay attention too, because in this episode you’ll be introduced to Jellies, Moves Candy Crush Levels, and the all important Special Candies. If you’re in to competing with your friends, topping the charts in Candy Town nets you the title Mayor of Candy Town. Good luck!

Candy Crush Level 1 It doesn’t get much easier than this. Follow the tutorial to match candies. Deep breaths… you can do this.

Candy Crush Level 2 In your next at bat, you get an introduction to Special Candies by matching 4 to make a Striped Candy. To learn the nuances of Striped, as well as all of the other Special Candies and what they are best at, read our Special Candies Guide.

Candy Crush Level 3 Meet the Color Bomb. At this early stage it will seem so challenging to spot these patterns of 5 in a row, but before long you’ll be Chaining Color Bombs like a pro. If you play on Facebook, you’ll see the Color Bombs have this oddly perverse slow oscillation. Stare at them long enough and you might just want to eat some real ones.

Candy Crush Level 4 If you haven’t stumbled on them already, in this level you’ll learn about Special Candy Combos. The first one up – Striped + Wrapped, is arguably the best of the bunch. This Special Candy Combo will become your best friend over time.

Candy Crush Level 5 Candy Crush Level 5 amounts to a “try what you’ve learned” level. There is nothing really new about this level other than that it is possible to fail it, if you try hard enough. Focus on the Special Candies and Special Candy Combos you’ve learned about, to maximize your score.

Candy Crush Level 6 On to a new challenge! Candy Crush Level 6 is the first CCS level to feature Jellies. They seem so simple and fun in this first encounter – just crush candies under the Jellies and they disappear. Clear all of the Jellies, and you win! Pretty straight forward, but you’ll come to loathe Jellies in time.

Candy Crush Level 7 Candy Crush Level 7 is the first level with a moderate level of challenge. Here you are again with some Jellies to clear, but this time there are many more. You also start of with some Striped Candies on the board. It’s not uncommon for levels to feature a little benefit like this, but they become fewer, and harder to access as the difficulty increases. Striped + Wrapped is your friend on this level. Consider not matching the initial two Striped candies together, since you can get a better result if you can match them with Wrapped.

Candy Crush Level 8 This level is for the most part a simpler version of Level 7. The catch is that in Candy Crush Level 8 you’ve only got 20 moves. This is a common tactic with Candy Crush Saga. Simple objectives, but few moves. It increases the effect of luck on the gameplay. To try and keep luck on your side, work from the bottom, and only match higher on the board when it is a move that clears Jellies. If you can manage 1 or 2 Striped + Wrapped combos, you’ll be home free.

Candy Crush Level 9 Level 9 is a rinse and repeat Jelly level. The best bet to wipe out all Jellies is a Wrapped + Striped matched in the middle row of the Jellies. Three horizontal Striped candies will also work just as well. Keep an eye out for matches that nab “edge” Jellies, as they tend to be the hardest to reach.

Candy Crush Level 10 Candy Crush Level 10 is another straightforward Jellies level. You should have plenty of moves to complete it. Work from the bottom, and watch for combo opportunities. Getting a few Striped or Wrapped candies will make it a breeze.

Candy Crush Saga Episode 2 Candy Factory

Candy Factory – Episode 2

Levels 11-20

Coming out of Candy Town you are riding high. “I see why so many people love to play this game,” you might think to yourself. At this point in the game, I think it is perfectly valid to take few minutes to appreciate how Candy Crush is actually plenty of fun. It is simple match 3, but it does have a lot of cool little elements that make it fun and a little unique too. Soak in this honeymoon phase, because it is one of the most fun periods, when the game is totally new to you. Read on for tips on how to beat your friends scores and become the Candy Factory Master.

Candy Crush Level 11 Welcome to the first Ingredients level. Level 11 should be a cakewalk, because you have plenty of moves and only one Cherry to get to the bottom. If you want to speed things up, line up a Vertical Striped Candy – but unless you are trying pretty hard to fail, this one should be a breeze.

Candy Crush Level 12 Candy Crush Level 12 is another Ingredients level, but this time the stakes are slightly raised. You need to bring down 4 Ingredients, so you’ll need to use your moves a little more carefully – but using Vertical Stripes and Special Candy Combos will make short work of this level. Remember that if Ingredients are lined up in a column, you can capture them all at once with a single Vertical Striped Candy.

Candy Crush Level 13 Level 13 is a return to your old friend, the Jelly Level. Clearing these Jellies won’t be too hard, but with fewer moves you will need to be efficient. Like agent86ix suggests in his Beginner’s Guide, it’s best to work from the bottom. When you have a choice, try to pick matches which clear more Jellies.

Candy Crush Level 14 King is not always a pillar of originality, and Candy Crush Level 14 is one such case. It is pretty much a rinse and repeat version of Level 13 flipped to be mirror image, with a slightly different shape. All the same strategies apply. Special Candies are your friend – crush those Jellies friend.

Candy Crush Level 15 Candy Crush Level 15 is a little trickier, in that you have fairly few moves. There really isn’t much science to it though – you just need to use Vertical Striped Candies, or Striped Candy Combos, to bring down all of the ingredients. Like most levels, Striped + Wrapped is a workhorse that can easily win the level for you. Try and get as many Ingredients on screen as possible, before setting off Special Candies.

Candy Crush Level 16 Another somewhat unoriginal, but thankfully easy level – Level 16 is just about clearing Jellies. Focus on Special Candy Combos, and when you can’t create a combo or clear Jellies, then work from the bottom to maximize your chances of lucky drops.

Candy Crush Level 17 Level 17 may be the hardest level in the Candy Factory. Here you have to bring down 4 Ingredients, with only 19 moves. If you chose your moves carefully, and focus on some Special Candy combos, you’ll eventually get through – but you are likely to burn a few lives in the process. Here you begin to see that Candy Crush Saga isn’t purely a “Puzzle Game” – because some boards are basically unbeatable before you even play the first move. At WOTS we don’t like that aspect of the game much, which is why we don’t consider Rerolling the Level to be cheating.

Candy Crush Level 18 Did you think that the Jelly Levels were getting a bit old? You did, didn’t you? Well you asked for it… meet the Double Jelly. It has twice the annoying blocking power of regular Jellies, and it works with the Candies you already know and love. Wrapped Candies work nice against Double Jellies, since they explode twice. A Wrapped + Striped towards the middle of the board will leave only a few left over for you to clean up.

Candy Crush Level 19 Mo’ Jellies, Mo’ Problems. Candy Crush Level 19 takes the Double Jellies you met in Level 18, and just adds more of ’em. Try to clear out the bottom corners first, and look for Special Candy opportunities towards the middle. Striped + Wrapped in the middle, or any Color Bomb combo will get you close to victory.

Candy Crush Level 20 The Candy Factory Episode finishes up with another new level type – the Timed Level. Depending on your play style, you will either love it or hate it. The only objective is to reach the target score before you run out of time. This one is pretty easy, so just keep making matches as fast as you can, and you should knock out Level 20 with ease.

After Level 20, the next Episode may be locked. Check out this article for details on Unlocking New Episodes.

Candy Crush Saga Episode 3 Lemonade Lake

Lemonade Lake Episode 3

Levels 21-35

Lemonade Lake is a turning point in Candy Crush Saga. Several of the levels get significantly harder, and may require many lives to complete. It will be important for you to check out our guides on the Hardest Candy Crush Levels, and if you haven’t already you should learn the trick to reroll hard levels. If you are playing on Facebook and you get stuck before you can get to Candy Crush Level 21, check out this article on Unlocking New Episodes.

Candy Crush Level 21 Level 21 introduces the concept of Blockers with the first type you encounter: Icing (The official name from King, though you’ll often see us refer to it as “Meringue” on WOTS). Icing blocks you from dropping Candies into a space until it is cleared, which makes it harder to find matches. Icing also sometimes covers up Jellies as is the case with this level. First you must clear the Icing, and then you must clear all of the Jellies to win. This may sound tough, and it could take a few tries, but a few well placed Special Candies or a Striped + Wrapped Special Candy Combo will clear a lot Icing/Jelly in one move. Try and punch through the middle and then launch your Special Candies from the lowest three rows.

Candy Crush Level 22 Ingredients plus Icing – nice twist huh? Candy Crush Level 22 only gives you a few moves, but it shouldn’t be too hard. Like usual, Vertical Striped Candies will make short work of Ingredients, even if you haven’t cleared the Icing yet.

Candy Crush Level 23 Candy Crush Level 23 is arguably the first hard level in the game. It required more explaining, so check out our Level 23 Guide [here.](

Candy Crush Level 24 Phew… after Level 23 you could use a break, and luckily you get one. Candy Crush Level 24 is pretty much a breeze. Bring down the two Ingredients by any means necessary, and celebrate and easy win.

Candy Crush Level 25 With a sneak peak at a new blocker, the Licorice Lock (AKA “Licorice Cage”), you might think this level would be tough, but with 50 moves it’s pretty hard to fail. To break the Locks, just make a match that includes a “locked” candy. Once you punch through a few Locks, you’ll find it pretty easy to start clearing Icing and ultimately the Jellies below. Horizontal Striped Candies can by used to clear out Locks, Icing, and Jellies. As usual, the Striped + Wrapped Combo is hugely impactful.

Candy Crush Level 26 Another Ingredients plus Icing level, Candy Crush Level 26 will remind you of Level 22. The same strategies apply – go for Vertical Striped Candies, and knock out those Ingredients.

Candy Crush Level 27 Level 27 is the return of the Timed Level, and this time it might be slightly more challenging. It may be a good time to read up on the scoring details I explain in my guide on Moves Levels, since Time Levels depend on a Target Score for victory. It is also worth noting that you can get extra time by triggering simple “match 3” sequential combos of three or more. If you work from the bottom, you’ll often accomplish this just by luck. When successful, you’ll see “+5” candies drop onto the board, which can be matched to add 5 more seconds to the clock. With fast matching, this can extend your time – in some cases also indefinitely. Finally, be aware that when time runs out, all Special Candies will be crushed automatically before your score is added up (including left over +5 candies, which count as Wrapped). Keep this in mind, as it can result in a big score boost at the end.

Candy Crush Level 28 With a bunch of Icing, 12 Jellies, and only 22 moves – you may find Level 28 challenging. Note carefully that there are 10 Jellies you can see at the beginning clearly, but 2 in the center column are covered by Icing and can be hard to see before it is cleared. Clear as much Icing as possible with your early moves, then try and use Special Candy Combos to finish off the rest. A well placed Striped + Wrapped in the center bottom will clear most of the board, but you may still have a few tough Jellies to track down. If you can manage Striped + Color Bomb, it will often make for an easier win.

Candy Crush Level 29 Candy Crush Level 29 is tough. Read our full guide for details on how to beat this hard level.

Candy Crush Level 30 Another hard level, right after 29? Yep. Check out our guide for how to beat Candy Crush Level 30.

Candy Crush Level 31 I sort of hate to spoil it for you, because Candy Crush Level 31 was one of my favorite levels in the early game. There is a simple trick – you are basically required to use Vertical Stripe Special Candies to knock out the Jelly columns above. The great thing is that this level only features 3 candy colors (the only one of its kind in the game). Given that, Vertical Stripes are pretty easy to make. Once you know the trick, you’ll knock it out pretty fast.

Candy Crush Level 32 As a welcome break from abuse, Level 32 is a pretty easy Timed Level. Break through the Icing and use the tips you learned for Level 27 to make short work of it.

Candy Crush Level 33 Level 33 is really hard! Tips for this are going to take some ‘splaining. Check out our full guide for this level **here. **

Candy Crush Level 34 Another Ingredients level with a funny shape. Level 34 is a little tricky in that you don’t have that many moves, and you may find yourself running out just before you get the last one or two. Vertical Stripes are hard to make on this level, so I actually recommend keeping an eye out for a 5 in row match to make a Color Bomb. Once you get the first one, it will move the Ingredients on the board down, but it may also help you start a Color Bomb Chain which can be your easy ticket to victory.

Candy Crush Level 35 Candy Crush Level 35 is all about the Special Candy Combos. You have a lot of moves, but you need to make the most of them by focusing on combos. Work from the bottom middle, but watch for chances to pick up Jellies on the corners, especially towards the top. Launching Wrapped + Striped from the center will do a lot of damage, but any of the Color Bomb combos will be even more beneficial.

If you are playing on mobile, the end of Lemonade Lake may be the first time you get stopped at a locked Episode. Check out our article for tips on how to not pay money when Unlocking New Episodes.

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