How do I clear Candy Crush Level 147

Behold the abominable Candy Crush Level 147. Brimming with the punishing meringue obstacles, as well as a weird “off map” geometry where candies start, and the lovable bomb to boot. One of the particularly hateful aspects of this level is the way in which it can force you to waste moves in the “off map” area, when no other moves are available. This old yeller-esque mechanic, which forces you to participate in the grim duty of your own failure is just… well… cruel.

Luckily there are some tactics which can help you succeed, and with perseverance you will.

Candy Crush Level 147 Guide

Meringue – Satan’s Confection

While Candy Crush Level 147 is a jelly level, the real focus of your attention should be on eliminating the meringue. Removing meringue exposes jelly that you need to get to, and it opens up space for more candies. More candies = more chances at special candies and special candy combos, and you are going to need those to make it through this one. In particular, if you can shoot a vertical striped candy down the center line, or a horizontal striped candy along the bottom, this can make a huge difference. Horizontal striped candies will be your work horses on this level, allowing you to hit jellies and meringues that you can’t otherwise reach with a regular match. If you get a wrapped candy or color bomb, try and save it to match with a striped as either combination will significantly increase your chance of winning.

Those damn bombs

Oh yeah, one more thing: don’t let the bombs blow up. :) As if this level wasn’t hard enough, ever so often 10 turn bomb will drop. The key to bombs on this (and most other levels), is not to let them freak you out too much. Try to continue to work from the bottom, and sometimes they will just blow up by lucky matches. Once they have ticked down to around 6, you need to devote some attention to getting them in a good spot. If you’ve got a guaranteed match, consider saving it and working somewhere else until the bomb is closer to detonation. The game seems to not throw more than 1-2 bombs at you at one time, but if you are quick to clear it, another will usually just take it’s place. This gets back to my previous comment about keeping a cool head and not become obsessed with bomb clearing. Remember that the bombs are there to eat your moves and distract you from the task at hand. Don’t let the candies win! Candy Crush Level 147 can be beaten! Good luck, and keep crushin’.

If Candy Crush is getting you too stressed, check out some similar games here or here. Good luck, and keep crushing!

  • Canuck1

    Thx for the tips on L147…another huge issue I am encountering is the game ending while I have moves remaining and the bombs all not even near detonation….had this experience?

    • bookre

      Yes, the games has ended before a bomb or my moves reached zero

      • canuck1

        Did you notify King about this? I did but only response was a generic support email with no resolution.

  • Chris

    Been stuck on this level for over 1,000 games now.. way more lives than I’ve lost in the 146 levels -combined-. Bombs usually kill me 90% of the time before I even get to the end.. most of the time they are in a position that makes them hard to kill if not impossible. Pretty much going to give up on this game just because of this level alone. It’s pretty much ridiculously impossible… I mean over a 1,000 games just by dumb luck I should have gotten at least close to finishing it. (once I did get to one jelly left but other than that not even close). This level makes me sad…

    • EBongo

      Sorry to hear it Chris. The fact that you even kept track of 1,000 attempts means you have had a pretty rough go. I do put the game down sometimes and leave it for quite a while. agent86ix and I agree that it can be abusively difficult at times, and it’s worth remembering that there are other games out there. As I mentioned in this article, I found Puzzle Craft to be a breath of fresh air, by comparison.

    • Pattypaduc

      Me too. It’s starting to suck

  • JustAComment

    The bombs appear every five moves.

  • Sharon

    Yes I’m losing interest in Candy Crush. I just can’t beat Level 147. It’s not fun anymore. Been on this level over two months.

    • Steve

      L147 still ending game when I have many moves left and bombs not even visible on screen! This level seems to be run by developer who ran out of flies to pull their wings off and watch them squirm so chose players

      • Lynne Sylvester

        Sometimes the game ends for me and didin’t even see it coming. I figured it’s sometime never gets out of a corner!

  • Barbara

    Level 147 is not fun! I just got a multi color candy bonus, and had a green candy bonus drop right next to it! Yay! 24 moves left! I can do this! The game shuffled the candies! WHAT? Are you kidding me? I had a move! And it was a FANTASTIC move! This level SUCKS!

    • steve

      Barbara, Yes sucks big time…I have had over 300k points on this level and still had 5 candies left…..over 2 months and 500 attempts…closest was 2 candies left…time for another game

  • Matt

    I hate this level, I have been on it for 3 weeks, ready to delete this app! Too hard

    • EBongo

      Hi Matt, welcome to WOTS! It is a frustrating one, and I’m sorry to say there are more ahead. It seems that on CCS you are bound to get stuck sometimes. It’s okay to take a break, and even quit if you aren’t having fun anymore. If you want a change of pace, I recommend the games we posted about here and here.

  • Lynn

    I’m not here yet. I’m waiting on entering level 141 but I noticed many of my Facebook friends stuck on this level for weeks and not too many people past this level. I plan on quitting on level 147 if it becomes frustrating rather than fun.

  • The only way I haved passed these difficult levels in the past is to have my friend that is on level 300 plus pass it for me. Hum, a new line of business? Good luck to all of you. It is now day 30 for me.

    • EBongo

      Hi Kristy, welcome to WOTS! Perhaps professional “pinch hitters” will become a thing. For now, at least we have tips and tricks :).

  • steve

    Yes I wil agree with all who hate this lvl. If they made this lvl. So difficult it should be the last one. After all peole are quitting this game anyway because it is just to hard.

  • Greg

    i must be super fortunate to have started this level last night, failed, and then just passed it this morning…no boosters either and with 4 moves left. after reading some posts i was scared i’d be on it for days. some skill required but a HUGE amount of this level is luck with the candies that drop and match.

    • EBongo

      Welcome to WOTS Greg! That is quite lucky. I was stuck on 147 for a while, but not as long as some I’ve heard. Congrats on the easy pass. You must have good karma from something. :)

  • Kari

    This level is HARD. Sure there are hard levels out there, but let me tell you the major difference for me between those levels and 147: I have never even come close to beating this one. The other difficult levels, i would have like one jelly left to clear and no moves. I would come sooo close! But when my moves are out on this one, I would still have a million jellies left. They threw EVERYTHING into this level: two layers of jellies, the silver block things with the splotches, the freaking bombs (it pisses me OFF that I would have 30 perfectly usable moves left and a bomb goes off.. it’s wasting one of my few five lives). You basically have to break through five layers of one square to even clear it. That’s with only 50 (I think) moves and bombs. It’s just not fun for me. I don’t play nearly as much as I used to, I’ve actually forgotten about it until today when I was in a very long line. I haven’t spent a dime on this game so far and I refuse to because they’re thieves!

    • EBongo

      Hi Kari, welcome to WOTS! It is hard, and it can get super frustrating. When I start to get genuinely mad at the game, I put it down for a while. There are a lot of great alternatives out there, when you are in the mood for something different.

  • Mike

    Been on this lvl about a month. Frustrating. Have come within 1jelly a few times. Also had a multi color bonus chip, then game said I had no more moves. Huh? I’m trying to finish lvl without a reshuffle, but maybe I need to forget my pride one time.

    • EBongo

      Hi Mike, welcome to WOTS! You know we don’t often mention it, but I at least am of the mind that there is no shame in tossing King a few bucks every once in a while. Some prefer the challenge of beating everything without paying – but keep in mind that King is making this game to make money. Levels like 147 that seem just a little too hard to beat are designed that way, so that you’ll cave in and buy your way past. There is still a lot more game beyond 147, so if you choose to pay a small fee to I wouldn’t blame you. Grab a few spare boosters though, because there are plenty of hard levels in your future :).

  • sharon

    I have been on 147 for a month and i am going to beat it if it takes me a year, and i am not going to spend any money on it either, this really has got me pissed .

  • pattinicknack

    I’ve played L147 thousands of times and so has a friend of mine. Very fed up with it, not fun. What’s the point of making this so hard? Obviously they give it to you at some point….well I’ve reached that point. This only discourages you from playing the game at all.

  • Elya

    Well I know for sure this is the HARDEST level yet because here I am writing this post! It eerks me when I have a full sets of lives and other lives my friends have so generously sent me and I go through them within 5 mins!! Geeze If Candy Crush was smart enough they would allow you to pay $5 to just skip the dang level, I bet they’d make a fortune considering how Hard it is!! I hate level 147!! At this point I’d pay $20 just to move on! Errrr

    • EBongo

      Hi Elya, welcome to WOTS! Well, if you have your wallet out I suspect that you can in fact pay a few dollars and pass the level. You may have forgotten the “boosters” that you got for free early in the game, but you can buy more in the Yeti shop. Using boosters like the Candy Bomb and Jelly Fish will cause additional special candies to show up in the level. You can also purchase the +5 turns booster, and Candy Hammer booster, which allow you to finish up a level when you have just a little farther to go. I ended up doing it the hard way – but I share these options for you and some of our other frustrated readers. Good luck!

  • Mike

    EBongo, I don’t mind paying for useful apps. SwiftKey and 1Weather come to mind. I have only paid for one game, Can Knockdown 3, that I can remember. This MAY be the second. Still debating.

  • Witness

    Level 147 is impossible even with the hints. I rarely play this game anymore. Not much fun to be stymied at every turn.

  • steve

    good point…game cannot survive without coiners but if it’s not a fair game coining will not fix the irritating issues…for every set of 5 games I play at least 1 game will end with many moves left and no visible bombs on the board….King’s only response is send a screen shot….but nothing to send if gold label and large ending message covering most of board

  • Pat

    Really Candy Crush….. ! Level 147 is damn near impossible for most and I know now that is impossible for me or at least I will never know because I’m throwing in the towel and not wasting anymore time on this level or game for this matter! just plain boring to be stuck on the same level and have to play it over and over and over and oh yeah… you guessed it, over again!!!

  • Rick M

    Another technique to use is to have some candy matches early on to remove the meringue early from the center line, walls, and floor. If you don’t have matches, restart the game before making a move. This will not cause you to lose a life, even if a match is made during the drop of the candy..

    • EBongo

      Thanks for the tip Rick! Yes, the technique you refer to we call rerolling the level, and it can come in handy all over the place – but especially on tough levels like this one where every move counts. Unfortunately, this trick is only available to those that play on mobile devices (not directly on Facebook), and there have even been reports that it does not work on all mobile versions. Glad that it works for you – keep crushin!

  • Mike

    Just tried playing this lvl. Had 2 striped candies next to each other. Game said no more moves and reshuffled. 2nd time something similar has happened that I know of. Lvl designer must have been pissed at the world. What’s lvl 148? Lvl 147, but only 25 moves? Call me a quitter, but I’m done CCS.

  • dave eadie

    been on this level for 6 months now,i wont pay so it wont let me pass bored stiff now time to move on got better things to spend my money on

  • Steve

    You got it….won’t coin so you sit where you are….seems strange to piss off your customers until they get angry and leave but guess that’s a concept over my head :-)

    • Charlotte Lancaster Godbyr

      If they really read these post why can’t they do something ,Go back and re-program to make it a little easier to get threw after so many freaking try’s.

  • paulKay

    I’ve probably tried 147 over a 100 times to date. I generally have no problem scoring 100-200k points, but so far have only gotten to with 3 or 4 candies once or twice. It’s a difficult level, but I find it a pretty entertaining challenge so I don’t get very bored with the attempts as I have on other levels. Like others, I’m committed to solving it, and like a lot of others, I’ll not spend a dime to get help. A combination of pride and my genetically cheap inclinations.

    • Charlotte Lancaster Godbyr

      I agree,I would like to know how to get threw this stupid level ? Watch the videos so many times & all the tips .It is crazy to be on a level a month and still cant get threw.Not everyone is a nerd and wants to play chess .Most all the games it has to shuffle because of no moves.I have had to play the first TEN moves on the top.This really sucks.

      • EBongo

        Very sorry to hear of your experience. agent86ix and I have discussed and we don’t really know why King makes some levels like this so abusively hard. The tips in this article are the best suggestions I can give after beating it myself – but I know it is frustrating to have so many failed attempts, especially when you have to waste moves up top. I hope you get past it soon. If you want to take a break from CCS, I highly recommend Puzzle Craft as a free alternative. Much less stressful. :)

        • geezerpk

          i’d think a reasonable compromise might be to offer a 99ยข skip over option to buy you way to the next higher game. Much like the fees assessed for accessing the the group of games on the next level. This is an enjoyable game to play, but it’s near to being unbeatable except by combining a lot of thought and patience, and a good dose of luck of the draw. In well over a 100 attempts I’ve not put the right combination together yet, but have come within a jelly or two on a couple of occasions. I’m beginning to think this is just too much of a waste of time even for a retiree like me with more time than average to waste on this silliness. ;-)

          • EBongo

            Well geezerpk, if you are willing to pay money you should look in the Yeti shop for booster options, and you can normally buy from within a level too. The “Candy Hammer” which looks like a Lollipop will break one candy without spending a move. It’s probably the least fun of the booster though, if you are going to spend money. Almost all of them make the level much easier when used, but of course, they cost money. The game will also offer you extra moves for a price when you lose, which may be what you need if you only missed it by a few. In addition, friends on Facebook can gift you extra moves boosters (for free), which can give you the few extra moves you need to finish off the level.

          • geezerpk

            Taking boosters in Candy Crush is like shuffling the deck in solitaire. I don’t think my level of frustration will ever get that high. But that’s just me.

          • geezerpk

            Eureka, I muddled through Level 147 today with just over 200k points. It was one of those tries that started out well, bogged down in the middle, but with about 7-8 kills to make I got a color bomb and striped candy next to each other. Held my breath and merged the combo and all hell broke loose in the right place for a change.

            In spite of all the frustration, I still find this level entertaining, and might come back and play it again to see if I could improve the point score and clear the jellies, too. The levels I really find frustrating are the timed ones. I find them exceedingly unenjoyable and might consider buying my way past one of those.

          • EBongo

            Congrats geezerpk! I’ve considered writing a guide for Timed levels at some point. There are a few tricks to them, and they are definitely there own beast. I think the number one rule is “don’t spazz out”. The timer, just like the various obstacles, is just another method to distract you from the goal at hand.

          • robertbubba2

            I see where your mind really is geezerk.

  • Mike

    For those who care, I Just tried to play this lvl on Oct 8th in the p. m. Bombs now give you 15 moves before they explode. Someone was listening.

  • Graham

    147 is totally ridiculous -have tried everything even trying to buy a win only to get a bomb and not a cat in hells chance of a match! Really thinking of quitting now as others have said – just no interest any more – shame because I like a challenge but need a solution!

  • leslie malino

    This is the 2nd time I’ve been down to 2 jellies and purchased extra turns & hammers only to be booted from the game both times—after the developer takes my money. WTF is up with this? It’s criminal. No more money to this developer. Very dishonest business practice!!!

    • Charlotte Lancaster Godbyr

      I have read other post and they have spent money to so i will not pay to play either.I saw a video where this young man paid 850 dollars and still could not get it.Whats up with that.It will be a cold day in hell before i will ever spend.

  • Charlotte Lancaster Godbyr

    Fix this MFing Level,Over 100 plus games and get get threw!!!

  • Charlotte Lancaster Godbyr

    been there done that.

  • agent86ix

    It’s a weirdly frustrating game that way, unfortunately. My suggestion would be to take it to King directly – their Facebook page is here – and make them aware of how they’re losing players over the frustrating difficulty level of some of these.

  • EBongo

    Hi Charlotte! I think I’ll pause for a brief PSA: Just so you know, agent86ix and I are just two guys who play games and like to help people. We are in no way affiliated with King (or any other developer) – and we get frustrated with CCS plenty too. We unfortunately have no influence whatsoever on them, and as I spend some time on their forums I know there are a lot of frustrated folks who don’t seem to get much response out of them. I wish we could help more, but if you want King to change their game, the forums or their Facebook page are likely your best bet (recognizing the likelihood they will respond is pretty low). That said, to your question about the “no more moves” mechanic – that kicks in only when no match can be made anywhere on the board (including Special Candy Combos). One of the very frustrating aspects of Level 147 (like I mention in the article) is that you can be forced to waste many moves up top without a reshuffle. It is hard to avoid, and one of the things that just sucks about the level. The best advice I can give is to work from the bottom, and try to plan out your moves down below to shift the candies up top such that there are no matchable groups up there.

  • Susan

    Well, that’s it. Aftere being stuck on this level for more than a month, playing hundreds of games, level 147 spoiled the fun. I’ve uninstalled CCS gonna try some of the other games suggested here.

  • Dens Chong

    Pull hair. This level is where the developer makes their money. :D

  • Sue

    That’s it, i think am done with candy crush, it’all about having fun not to get frustrated by this silly level!!

  • Hung Nguyen

    Thanks for all of your tips and encouragements. I just finished this HARDEST level for me so far !!! Good grief what a hard level. I have to use my last move to clear the board. So lucky for me. I stucked on this level for almost 2 weeks. I feel more confident after reading some tips from this website a couple of days ago. Also I turn off the music, it makes me more focus and clear headed to plan moves ahead. By the way I never buy anything to play this game. Be consistent, be stubborn, some days you will pass it. If you pass this level you will know that you could do anything on the world if you put your mind on it. Good luck everybody.

  • EBongo

    Hi CCAddict, welcome to WOTS! I’m really happy we were able to help you out. Drop a comment here or on Facebook if you find any more levels giving you trouble.

  • Carl Kishbaugh Jr

    I think I’m done with this game. I’ve played this level over 200 times and have only gotten down to about 2-3 jellies left. This level is a crapshoot. If the candies don’t fall just right, you have NO CHANCE! This is about the only level where luck plays a more important role than skill.

  • Phyllis Pilkins

    I have been on this level for weeks hate to give up but its driving me crazy

  • Sandra Armour Mawby

    As a wise man once said (well actually Rob Schnieder) “You can do it!” I’ve been on this level from hell for the past two weeks and finally finished it last night with only one move left!! (Suck on THAT candy crush!!) I must confess though that I did use the unlimited lives cheat by changing the date settings and used the reset board trick that many players unfortanately cant use. But I didn’t use any of my boosters that I get from my free daily spins. (I’m hoarding those suckers until I’m really desperate!) I did use the tips given here but honestly I think my ability to pass this level was 20% strategy and the rest was the luck! But dont give up hope! It can be done!

    • EBongo

      Congratulations Sandra! I agree that Rob Schnieder’s advice is applicable to this and many Candy Crush levels. The frustrating thing is that you can know the right strategy to use, but when the random chance of the board works against you, its literally impossible to win. That’s why we’re big advocates of rerolling like you mentioned. I don’t even really consider it cheating, because I when I play Candy Crush I think I’m playing a match 3 puzzle game (although sometimes its more like a slot machine).

  • Anon

    Have been stuck on this level for the past 3 months – and have so many times been left with just one jelly to clear and at least 7 moves but none of the same colour candies will fall next to it – thats so frustrating