How do I clear Candy Crush Level 147

Behold the abominable Candy Crush Level 147. Brimming with the punishing meringue obstacles, as well as a weird “off map” geometry where candies start, and the lovable bomb to boot. One of the particularly hateful aspects of this level is the way in which it can force you to waste moves in the “off map” area, when no other moves are available. This old yeller-esque mechanic, which forces you to participate in the grim duty of your own failure is just… well… cruel.

Luckily there are some tactics which can help you succeed, and with perseverance you will.

Candy Crush Level 147 Guide

Meringue – Satan’s Confection

While Candy Crush Level 147 is a jelly level, the real focus of your attention should be on eliminating the meringue. Removing meringue exposes jelly that you need to get to, and it opens up space for more candies. More candies = more chances at special candies and special candy combos, and you are going to need those to make it through this one. In particular, if you can shoot a vertical striped candy down the center line, or a horizontal striped candy along the bottom, this can make a huge difference. Horizontal striped candies will be your work horses on this level, allowing you to hit jellies and meringues that you can’t otherwise reach with a regular match. If you get a wrapped candy or color bomb, try and save it to match with a striped as either combination will significantly increase your chance of winning.

Those damn bombs

Oh yeah, one more thing: don’t let the bombs blow up. :) As if this level wasn’t hard enough, ever so often 10 turn bomb will drop. The key to bombs on this (and most other levels), is not to let them freak you out too much. Try to continue to work from the bottom, and sometimes they will just blow up by lucky matches. Once they have ticked down to around 6, you need to devote some attention to getting them in a good spot. If you’ve got a guaranteed match, consider saving it and working somewhere else until the bomb is closer to detonation. The game seems to not throw more than 1-2 bombs at you at one time, but if you are quick to clear it, another will usually just take it’s place. This gets back to my previous comment about keeping a cool head and not become obsessed with bomb clearing. Remember that the bombs are there to eat your moves and distract you from the task at hand. Don’t let the candies win! Candy Crush Level 147 can be beaten! Good luck, and keep crushin’.

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