Best Minecraft Gifts – Minecraft Gift Guide!

Some people are just hard to shop for. If you’ve got a friend, family member, or significant other that’s really into Minecraft, but you have no idea what would be good to get for them, this is the guide for you! In my Minecraft Gift Guide, I’ll lay out the best gift ideas for the Minecraft obsessed person (or people) in your life.

Minecraft Gift Guide

Minecraft Gift Guide: More Minecraft!

If you’re not savvy to the world of Minecraft, you might not know that there are actually three major editions of the game. Possibly the best gift for your favorite Minecrafter is another copy of the game! Those who play on PC or console may love to get the mobile version for playing anywhere. Those who play on console or mobile may also be interested in getting the fully moddable PC version, to find out how it all began. The full run down on each version is as follows:

Minecraft Gift Guide PC Version

The PC version has been around the longest, and has the most features. There are a lot of things you can download for the PC version which extend the replay value of the game. The PC version of Minecraft is easily the definitive version. If the Minecraft lover in your life doesn’t own this version, it’s an easy thing to recommend. You can grab it at the Minecraft official site and the current price is around $26.

Minecraft Gift Guide Minecraft Console Version

The console version is available for several different consoles, and while it lacks mod support and some of the most recent additions to the game, it’s still a blast. One major difference is that the console version support local split-screen multiplayer which means that a whole family or group of friends can sit down and play together. If there are Xboxes or Playstations in your house and a whole gaggle of Minecraft lovers, consider grabbing it from Amazon. Just make sure you pick the version that matches the console they own!

Minecraft Gift Guide Minecraft Mobile Version

Finally, the mobile version is available for both Apple and Android devices. It’s the least feature rich of the various Minecraft versions, but on the plus side you can take it with you wherever you go! Grab it for Android devices from Google Play or the Amazon Appstore. You can get it via iTunes by clicking here.

Minecraft Gift Guide: Games in the Same Vein as Minecraft

With Minecraft’s runaway success, there have been quite a few imitators and variations on its innovative formula. There are a ton of copycats, though, so I’ve sorted out a few games that are similar and worth playing. Any of these would make a great gift for the Minecraft enthusiasts.

Minecraft Gift Guide Terraria

First up is Terraria. The short description for Terraria is “it’s like Minecraft but in two dimensions.” There’s a lot of differences between the two games, and I personally prefer it to regular Minecraft on most occasions. It can be a little scary for smaller kids – kind of “Halloween scary” stuff like skeletons and zombies.

Terraria is available for Xbox 360 and also for PC.

Minecraft Gift Guide Starbound

Another game very similar to Terraria is Starbound. Unlike Terraria and Minecraft’s focus on a single world, Starbound is more about flying around between various planets and exploring them for treasure. Starbound is currently only available for PC.

Minecraft Gift Guide Kerbal Space Program

Finally, I’ll branch out a bit and suggest Kerbal Space Program. Kerbal Space Program is all about building rockets to explore the space near the planet Kerbal. While this is vastly different from the premise of Minecraft and Terraria, most of the folks who get really into Minecraft enjoy Kerbal Space Program immensely. If strapping rockets to stuff, building spaceships, and watching them fly sounds like something that they’d find fun, you should consider gifting them a copy of **the PC version of Kerbal Space Program.

Minecraft Gift Guide: Minecraft LEGO

Minecraft and LEGO have a lot in common, so it’s no surprise that there are officially licensed Minecraft LEGO sets available for purchase. If your kids play Minecraft and you feel like they are “plugged in” to it a little too often, Minecraft LEGOs are a great way for them to get away from screen time and still flex their creative muscles. Many parents that are “all thumbs” when it comes to video games may find LEGOs a nice way to engage in their kids interests and still reminisce about the good old days (when LEGOs were mostly primary colors).

Minecraft Gift Guide The Cave Lego

The Cave is a good starter set, it’s one of the less expensive ones. We are talking about Minecraft and LEGO, though, so it’s still somewhat pricey.

Minecraft Gift Guide The Farm Lego

Similar to this is the Farm set which includes some animals and some crops!

Minecraft Gift Guide Micro World

There’s also a whole “Micro” line like the Micro World set. These are a bit smaller in scale and have fewer pieces, but they’re still fun nonetheless. That set is actually a bestseller, according to Amazon!

Minecraft Gift Guide: Minecraft Toys

If you’re just looking for something small, a Minecraft-themed stocking stuffer perhaps, then there are a wealth of Minecraft toys available that make great gifts.

Minecraft Gift Guide Wall Torch

I personally think this Minecraft Wall Torch is pretty cool. It makes a decent night light, although it doesn’t automatically turn off.

Minecraft Gift Guide Redstone Nightlight

The Minecraft Redstone Block makes a decent night light as well. Although it can’t be hung from the wall, it does automatically turn itself off.

Minecraft Gift Guide Minecraft Pig

On the “cute but not particularly practical” side of the scale, there’s a wealth of Minecraft-inspired plush toys, like this Minecraft Baby Pig. They’re inexpensive enough to round out another gift, or for that one niece/nephew who you have to buy for but you don’t really like.

Minecraft Gift Guide: Conclusion

Despite how tricky it may seem at first, there are a ton of gifts out there that a Minecraft fan could enjoy. Do you have any suggestions for items we missed? Leave us a comment and share your favorites!